Phone Calls: April 2017

May 3, 2017
Phone Calls

Here at Wonderful Machine, the arrival of April meant it was time to do a thorough spring cleaning. Since Matt officially took over portfolio reviews this month, what better way to kick things off than by refining our tri-state contacts for scheduling meetings? We also put some energy into international client research as well, adding a total of 559 new contacts to our database for outreach.

Being a short drive from New York City puts Wonderful Machine in an excellent position to meet and collaborate with top advertising agencies and brands. For that reason, in addition to his new role as portfolio event coordinator, Matt concentrated all of his outreach on The Big Apple. Taking over the portfolio events made for a hectic April, but the three meetings we had were great, and we currently have meetings scheduled with BBDOMCD Partners, Translation and Ogilvy & Mather for May. And that is just the beginning...Matt hopes to at least double that before the month is over.  

To help Matt with our spring cleaning, Claire spent the first half of the month beefing up our local agency contacts in the tri-state area (NY, DE, PA) for our portfolio event meetings. Claire's efforts allowed Matt a more robust list of prospects to outreach to for upcoming portfolio events. The second half of the month she resumed the continual process of adding new people to existing agencies. Adding a total of 267 new people and 138 new companies, Claire was able to connect with 26 prospects through phone calls and emails.   

Associate Producer Pat Meehan taking notes while talking with a client.

Pat continued his outreach efforts, focusing on agencies all over the world. Making nearly 300 phone calls, Pat made valuable connections with creative directors and art buyers at both large and boutique advertising agencies. These conversations help reinforce our reputation while also educating agencies that are unaware of our services. For example, Pat received an email from Julie at Integer Group and Katie at Team One who both said our photographer directory was a great resource and that they'd keep us in mind for the future.

The month of April was a busy month for Alex. Most of his time was spent on-set digital teching or shooting, or in the office creating estimates and helping our Executive Producers, Jess and Craig. In-between all of this, Alex settled into his new role of brand outreach and was able to rattle off 55 phone calls and 66 emails, resulting in six connections. One of the most notable connections was when he received a response from an architecture company in Aspen, CO saying:

I noticed one company available nearby, C2 Photography. They are great and we are already considering working with them. Thanks!

Julia began the month of April producing a shoot with Executive Producer, Jess Dudley. Since they were traveling to Atlanta for few days, they decided to try and fit in a day of meetings. Julia was successfully able to book meetings with SagePath, Ames Scullin O’Haire, and Van Winkle + Associates. Julia reached out to Ogilvy & Mather Atlanta and they got back to her with positive feedback even though they didn’t have time to meet. Sarah Howell, managing director at Ogilvy & Mather Atlanta emailed saying:

We are familiar with you guys and have used you in the past and loved it...I’m expecting some briefs in the next few weeks and will reach out when we have a project to discuss.

Julia spent the rest of the month reaching out to local agencies and brands for meetings, updating email addresses for clients that we haven’t been in contact with in a while and assisting the marketing team with client list builds. Julia had a full month of meetings but was able to research and contact 108 new prospects at both agencies and brands while making some valuable face-to-face meetings. 

Check back next month to see how we’re doing, and if you have any questions, reach out!

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