Phone Calls: August 2016

Sep 1, 2016
Phone Calls

Our research and outreach teams were heating up the phone lines this month as they continued their two-pronged approach connecting with agencies, brands, and publications across the globe.

Agencies: Jessica and Meli tag-teamed the Agencies portion of client outreach this month. Meli worked on adding agencies in U.S. states that needed more client attention, cultivating a well-balanced photographer to client ratio within cities in our database. Together, she and Jessica added 76 new agencies, emailed 118 clients, and made 90 phone calls. Through their outreach process, they managed to connect with 18 prospects and met with 7 of them who were interested in learning more about our photographers and production services.

One of Meli’s phone conversations led to a wonderful connection with the president & creative director of Fletch Creative. When he received her call, he was thrilled to hear about the resources we have at WM, noting that by having access to our directory, he would be able to provide his clients with more quality photography.

Meli also got a nice response from the associate creative director at Weber Shandwick:

Hello! I would love to chat with you. Currently looking for a staff photographer for a large and expanding grocery store chain’s social media stream. 30-50 pieces of content a month. Do you have time to chat tomorrow?

Meli chats with agency creative directors.

Brands: After passing the Agency research baton to Meli, Claire shifted over to join Julia on outreach for Brands. Julia continued her work spear-heading research for major brands, focusing on metropolitan areas that had high numbers of member photographers but not as many clients, again to improve our photographer to client ratio in certain areas. Together, Julia and Claire added 432 new clients to the database. They sent out 405 emails and made 326 phone calls, resulting in five meetings for production and portfolio reviews.

Publications: Gemma jumped into client outreach in the middle of the month, taking on Publications research and outreach on her own. She focused on reaching out to publications in the U.S. and abroad, and during this, did research as needed to fill in information in our database. She sent 23 emails and made 14 phone calls. 

That's all for August. Questions? Give me a shout!

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