Phone Calls: July 2016

Aug 3, 2016
Phone Calls

Evidently, July is a hot month for productions. With our producers heading out for shoots in Denver, New York, Louisville, DC, and more, (vacation suggestions, anyone?) we had a lot of movement in our brands, agencies, and publications teams. Even with the hubbub, they stayed determined with their research and outreach, adding even more clients to our database and making meaningful connections for our photographers.

Brands: In addition to being a great research and outreach duo, Morgan and Julia make up an awesome production pair. They rocked out a huge production this July, which took up most of their time, but before the craziness of preproduction, they were able to add 66 new brands to our database and email 76 new prospects. They followed up with 64 phone calls and made 13 connections. From their connections, they booked two meetings.

Claire chats with clients about our directory of photographers.

Agencies: For the month of July, Claire focused on going through the top 400 agencies and adding both national and international agencies to fill in the gaps within our database. Collectively, Claire and Meli added 706 prospects to our database to strengthen our contacts. The two of them emailed 402 creatives and called 327 of them. Through their outreach efforts, they managed to connect with 39 art directors. A creative director at Less+More gave a shout out to a couple of our talented member photographers:

Hi Meli,

Thanks for reaching out! We already have some great relationships with quite a few of your San Diego photographers—we worked with Frank Rogozienski and John Schulz very recently!

Meli also managed to land a meeting in New York for August.  

Publications: We had a fresh addition to our publications team in the form of Jessica this month! Experienced with client needs and photographer expectations, Jessica was able to quickly learn the research and outreach routine. She focused on reaching out to clients we hadn’t been in contact with yet, emailing 33 people and calling 15.

That's all for July! Reach out if you have any questions!

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