Phone Calls: March & April 2015

May 6, 2015
Phone Calls

Marketing calls are all about timing. We can call hundreds of clients with little success, but all it takes is that one phone call at the right time (like when they're desperately searching for a photographer in a remote location) and voila—you introduce them to Wonderful Machine and answer their prayers. 

In March, our staff members made 713 phone calls on behalf of our member photographers to creatives around the world in the advertising and editorial marketplace. In April, that number was even higher, coming in at 970 calls! Here are some highlights from the last two months:

While I was reaching out to clients in March, I left a voicemail for Michael Deme, the editor of Adventure Cyclist in Missoula, MT. I followed up that message with an email that linked to our site along with a couple of links to our photographers. I suggested he check out Missoula-based photographer Tom Robertson who shoots Portraiture, Reportage and Sports/Fitness. This was his response: 

I jumped on the website after listening to your message and did a few searches. Looks like something we could find pretty useful.... Tom Robertson lives in Missoula and was an ACA cartographer for 14 years. We work with him a bunch, as recently as 10 days ago. 

WM producer Suzy Reynolds calls a client.

In April, WM producer Suzy Reynolds was doing some routine outreach to Fidelity Investments and contacted their creative director, Frank Perrone. She recommended a few of our corporate photographers to him including Craig Orsini, Bryce Vickmark and Ken Richardson, all based in Boston. Frank responded to Suzy that same day:

Thanks for sending these links along. I have worked with Craig in the past and he's got a great eye and a real pro. It was cool to see our star portfolio manager Will Danoff in Bryce's portfolio. Also love the style Ken uses, specifically the way his portraits are lit. They are very real. I forwarded your messages on to Tanya Mathis, our art buyer. We'll keep you in mind for our next project. 

After that email, Tanya called Suzy wanting to know more about Wonderful Machine and the site's functionality. She was especially interested in our vendor processing services. 

As you're reading this, we're busy making even more phone calls to gain exposure for Wonderful Machine and its members. Check back next month for more feedback from clients!

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