Phone Calls: November 2016

Dec 6, 2016
Phone Calls

Our prospect outreach team kept Wonderful Machine stuffed and thankful throughout the month November, sending emails and making phone calls to connect with creatives at publications, agencies, and brands.

Publications: Matt and Pat continued their hard work promoting our photographers to publications from all over the world. Pat handled research and Matt manned the phones accounting for 233 additions, 236 emails, 249 calls, 33 connections and 29 meetings. High five! (The two are desk neighbors and buddies so it wouldn’t surprise me if they actually did high five each-other)

Brands: For the month of November our brand research and outreach team’s numbers rose, despite the dropping tempature. Claire diversified her research and added new clients that specialize in travel, real-estate, hospitality and food and beverage, totaling in at 414 new additions for the team. Collectively they sent out 259 emails and made 215 phone calls to prospective clients. As a result their work lead to 20 connections and 5 meetings. One of many responses came from business development director of richärd+bauer:

…your company looks interesting you seem to have extensive coverage…we will hold on to your contact information for future projects. Thank you for contacting us.

Agencies: Meanwhile our agencies team buckled down and worked hard to make new connections before the holiday season takeover. Meli jumped into the marketing department to work with a few individual photographers, while Victoria focused on outreaching to clients. Julia also made some headway with agency research, adding over a hundred clients to our database in the midst of working on various producer tasks. Together, they made 171 additions, sent out 113 emails, made 93 calls, 9 connections, and 7 new meetings.

Associate Producer Matt Lander talking to a client.

That's all for November! Check back in next month to see what numbers we can provide before the end of 2016. If you have any questions, reach out!

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