Portfolio Events: August 2017

Sep 5, 2017
Portfolio Events

With Labor Day in the books, Wonderful Machine is hoping that we will no longer be fighting summer hours and vacations for the attention of our clients. Portfolio Events were tough to come by in August, but we were able to lock down a meeting with the Director of Photography at AMC and Sundance television networks. Christine Ramage and her team were already aware of Wonderful Machine but, as we often find, she wasn’t aware of everything that we do. With a quality meeting on the books, I packed up the pelican case with numerous member photographers’ portfolios and made my way down to 30th Street Station to catch the Bolt Bus.

Portfolio Events, New York City, AMC Networks, Sundance TV, Wonderful Machine

When quantity isn’t an option, quality is essential when it comes to scheduling meetings. As I awaited my meeting with Christine, I browsed the collection of pristine Emmys, amongst other awards, which aligned the renowned network’s display cases. Highly impressed by the collection of awards, I reminded myself of the magnitude of this type of client and, frankly, how it’s a testament to Wonderful Machine’s ability to open doors. 

Christine Ramage and her team are in charge of photography across all AMC and Sundance television series, including the ever-so-popular likings of Preacher and The Walking Dead. All of the network’s programs have a unique, but, brand consistent concept when it comes to photography.

Portfolio Events, New York City, AMC Networks, Sundance TV, Wonderful Machine

Celebrity/Entertainment, Portraiture, and Conceptual. Before my visit, with these classifications in mind, I was sure to get my wheels turning back at “the machine” (our home-base), where I meticulously browsed and chose a variety of books that I feel would fit each category and draw the client in for a number of specific reasons. Colin Anderson’s ability to create dynamic, conceptual work interested the team at AMC, while Daniel Bergeron’s celebrity portraiture drew accolades from Christine. Christopher Fragapane’s hybrid of cinematic style and celebrity images also received praise from the AMC team.

Christopher Fragapane's Photography Portfolio

Going into our meeting, I already knew that Christine and her team were familiar with Wonderful Machine’s photographer directory, but I wanted to make sure they were aware of the other services we provide. As I learned about the ways AMC and Christine’s team coordinate their productions, internally, I was thrilled to be able to explain Wonderful Machine’s ability to step in as freelance producers to help with as little or as much of any given project as needed. To the same point, our vetted database of crew members around the world can be a valuable resource for AMC, or anyone producing a project. 

Portfolio Events, New York City, AMC Networks, Sundance TV, Wonderful Machine

Though summer was a tough season to pencil-in time with the largest, most recognized brands, agencies, and publications in NYC, we still managed to acquire some quality meetings and promote Wonderful Machine’s member photographers. We are looking forward to a strong September, and in the spirit of Labor Day, let’s get back to work, people.

For any further questions about portfolio events, feel free to give me a shout!

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