Portfolio Events: February 27, 2019

Mar 4, 2019
Portfolio Events

This past Wednesday, I took a trip to NYC with photo editor, Jemma Dilag. While in town, we met with book and magazine publisher, Scholastic, as well as historic art publication, ARTnews Magazine.

For weeks, I had been looking forward to our meeting with Scholastic. Both Jemma and I grew up with school book fairs, saving money to buy the latest title in our favorite series. For me, this was Captain Underpants. So, you can imagine the excitement I felt seeing a GIANT Captain Underpants near the elevators in their lobby. I hadn’t thought about those books since 5th grade, but I got so excited as soon as I saw him! 

In addition to the Captain, we saw awesome art inspired by Clifford the Big Red Dog and The Hunger Games. There was also an incredible stained-glass window inspired by Harry Potter. The whole office was a walk down memory lane.

I considered wandering off to see what else they had on display, but just as I was about to go, our contact was ready to meet. Eric Russ works as the photo editor for magazines published by Scholastic. Specifically, he works on publications geared towards kindergarten to 3rd graders. We brought photographers that work with younger children and have a bright, vibrant aesthetic. Namely, we brought Amy Mikler, Lisa Tichané, Terri Glanger, and Inti St. Clair. We learned that Scholastic also publishes magazines for students in middle school and high school. This was great news since we also brought Colin Lenton and Geo Rittenmyer, who typically work with older subjects.

Our second meeting was with ARTnews Magazine. This publication, owned by PMC, has a long history! They have been in business since 1902, commissioning incredible portraits of legendary artists like Andy Warhol and Marina Abramovic.  While they've strayed from portraiture over the past few years, ARTnews is eager to bring them back. We also learned of their need for architecture photographers for museum openings, as well as motion photographers to capture performance art. Finally, we displayed our photographer search function, which our contact found very useful for finding photographers in Asia, South America, and Miami.

If you’re interested in having us show your work, please to reach out!  We would love to take your portfolio with us on our next trip.