Portfolio Events: Ignited Marketing Consultancy

Sep 12, 2019
Portfolio Events

We love to snag any opportunities to meet with clients and learn about their needs while also promoting our photographers. So when I went to Los Angeles for a wedding, I reached out to a select few LA-based clients with whom I'd wanted to connect. So, on a sunny Southern California afternoon, I ended up meeting with Sam Helphand, the creative director of Ignited.

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Ignited is a full-service agency that supports start-ups as well as more established companies to achieve their marketing goals. From traditional marketing to social media and SEO, Ignited does it all! The agency is located in “El Centro,” a coworking space where we met and one which Sam himself actually founded. "El Centro" also houses a bunch of other marketing and production companies. Needless to say, their space had the intense-but-fun vibe that we have come to expect when visiting agencies.

el centro, coworking space, wonderful machine, ignited, marketing consultancy

Sam had heard of Wonderful Machine but was not aware of our Stock Request tool, which he was excited to try out. Many of the clients Ignited works with, such as the TSA and the SEC, need industrial and corporate photography. Clients like these rely heavily on stock images and need photographs showing current government/military uniforms. Because those uniforms change often, it can be difficult to find stock images featuring the most up-to-date version.

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Sam enjoyed looking through the portfolios I presented and felt that Lindsay Laukner Gundlock would have been a great fit for a recently completed job. He explained that the start-up companies they work with are often looking for photographers like Lindsay, who can capture an authentic and spontaneous feel while retaining a polished commercial look. Another skill they seek is a photographer's ability to be comfortable working alongside a video shoot since they shoot a majority of their projects this way.

I also learned that, although Ignited has a handful of trusted photographers used for still life and lifestyle projects, they do hire photographers as often as twice a month. They are always open to discovering new talent that they can bring on board. Due to the variety of Ignited's projects, they never know what kind of job will come up next!

If you would like to know more about designing promotional materialsputting together a portfolio, or have any questions about our portfolio events, please email or call us at 1 610 260 0200!