Portfolio Events: June 2017

Jun 30, 2017
Portfolio Events

The way we see it, summer begins after Memorial day. And for many, the start of summer means Summer Vacation!  While we definitely felt the effect of summer hours on our Portfolio Event outreach, we were still able to squeeze in some very productive meetings with NewsCred, Ink, Leibowitz Design, and Refinery29.  Here's the breakdown:

Matt with Vice President of Content, Jane Medieros at NewsCred

Early in the month, Alex and I took a trip up to New York City to meet with NewsCred and Ink Global. In Brooklyn, we met up with Ink Global’s Photo Editor, Jessie Adler. Jessie was already familiar with Wonderful Machine and some of our photographers, so we took that opportunity to strengthen that relationship and elaborate on the services we offer. Jessie mentioned that she uses Wonderful Machine regularly to search for photographers, but she was unfamiliar with Wonderful Machine’s stock request tool. Clients are always happy to find a stock option that thousands of other companies aren’t searching through. Marco Garcia’s portfolio actually contained an image that had been shot for one of Jessie’s projects and she raved about his work. Charles Pertwee’s travel pictures left a lasting impression on Jessie as well.

Back at NewsCred's headquarters in Manhatten, the Vice President of Content, Jane Medieros and her team welcomed Alex and I, letting us show off some of our photographer's portfolios. Marek Dziekonski, Ryan Gibson, and Rocco Ceselin all drew significant attention from the NewsCred team.

Later in the month, I took a solo trip up to meet with Leibowitz Design and Refinery29. Sr. Designer Taylor Gibbs and her team at Leibowitz Design were looking to see some Education and Corporate photographers for some of their clients and they ended up really liking Greg Miller and Colin Lenton’s work. The folks at Leibowitz Design were also very interested in Wonderful Machine’s stock request tool. We've found this tool is a very popular topic of conversation with design agencies because they aren’t always able to produce the content they need in-house.

When meeting with Refinery29's Associate Fashion Photo Editor, Nic Bloise he told me how he was aways looking for photographers. He especially responded to Alyson Aliano’s portfolio, as it seemed to be a perfect match for Refinery29's style. 

The quality of the meetings we had in June certainly made up for the few clients who had time to meet. In all, we got our photographer's books in front of clients who are regularly looking for professional commercial photographers, strengthened some existing relationships, and built new relationships with some great agencies. 

If you’d like to participate in our next portfolio event please don't hesitate to drop me a line!