Portfolio Events: May 2016

Jun 7, 2016
Portfolio Events
Morgan Kazanjian

For the month of May, Meli and I traveled to Seattle for our latest round of portfolio meetings. Over two days we met with Cole & Weber, Starbucks, Eddie Bauer, Tether, Publicis and Cascade Designs and got to show off a ton of our talented photographers.

Starbucks was one of the meetings I was most excited for, being that I drink their coffee way too much, and Meli and I actually had time to visit their Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room beforehand, where I miraculously ran in to a friend I hadn’t seen since college (on the east coast)! They had asked to see food and drink photographers, but they were also interested in seeing lifestyle, reportage and fine art work as well. Roy Ritchie’s fine art work definitely didn’t disappoint, and everyone loved Bobbi Lin’s gorgeous images of all things edible.

The early crowd at Starbucks checking out portfolios.

We also headed over to Tether to share some of our portrait and still life photographers. Creative director Colin Day was incredibly friendly, and after luring the creative team over with coffee and snacks, they responded well to the work of David Arky and Colin M. Lenton. Colin Day especially loved Laura Stevens’ instantly recognizable aesthetic.

The team at Tether checking out books.

Our meeting at Publicis was another high note, where we were told over and over again what an impressive group of photographers we had—everything from the quality of the work to the construction of the portfolios! Everyone loved seeing their colleague in Amber Fouts’ portfolio, gushed over the work of Cade Martin and Adair Freeman Rutledge, and Jody Horton was another favorite among the crowd.

The creatives at Publicis enjoying the work of all of our photographers.

The last meeting of our trip was at Cascade Designs, home to a number of adventure and outdoor brands like Therm-A-Rest and MSR. We brought along a great selection of shooters, and while they were familiar with Matt and Agnes Hage and Stephen Matera, they were excited to check out work from some names that were new to them, especially in printed book form. They were interested in utilizing Kristian Marson’s style for some upcoming projects, and also loved the design of Matt Baldelli’s book and Andrew Maguire’s images.

Check out Andrew's portfolio below:

We obviously couldn’t make a trip across the country without meeting up with the local photographers, and once again we had a blast meeting everyone. Once Kristian found out I loved tacos, he was kind enough to offer to meet Meli and I the next day at his favorite taco place (which we obviously took him up on), and we immediately bonded with Jake Holt and his wife over how much we all love food.

From left to right: Adair Freeman Rutledge, Tegra Stone Nuess, Dylan Priest, Geo Rittenmyer, Jake Holt, Kasey Holt [Jake's wife], Emily Goodnight [Kristian's rep], Kristian Marson, Amber Fouts, Lucas Fuentes [Amber's partner], Meli, me and Ron Wurzer (Stephen Matera not pictured, but definitely not forgotten!)

Thanks for the good times, Seattle!

Before we knew it, we were headed back to Philadelphia with some meetings already lined up for June. If you’d like to send your portfolio to be considered for future meetings, just give me a shout!