Print and Web Edit: Jamie Kingham’s love for Lifestyle

Jun 28, 2017
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I’ve been working with Reno-based member photographer, Jamie Kingham, for a few months now and really love his fresh and upbeat approach to Lifestyle and Brand Narrative photography. When we first spoke, he was interested in joining our roster in the hopes of getting his work in front of new clients and expanding his marketing efforts outside his region. After getting him listed on our site, the next step was helping him make a portfolio to send out with our Associate Producers during our client-facing Portfolio Events.

With Jamie’s print portfolio, it was important for me to show a sense of high energy and a spontaneous love for life that’s prevalent in his work. We opted to go with 2 sets of custom printed screw post portfolios (one for him to keep at his studio, and one for us to keep in-house) that he ordered from Pina Zangaro. Since Jamie shoots quite a bit and is regularly adding new work and projects to his site, I felt that the customizable and updatable screw post format was going to be the best portfolio option for him moving forward. This would allow him to tailor his edit according to the interests of each client he meets with, and always be able to integrate some of his latest work. With this in mind, I kept my edit on the shorter side, with a clear and concise flow that highlights some of his most recent client work while still leaving room for growth.

The beginning of the layout for Jamie’s 11x17 print book.


Details of book and slipcase.


Jamie's portfolio in action.

After the print edit was underway, I focused on revamping his web edit and making updates to streamline and improve how his work was presented on his Photo Folio site.

The new homepage cycles through a series of full-screen images from different projects.

For the Web Edit, Jamie expressed an interest in switching over to a project-based navigation style which I thought would be a great way for him to revamp his brand. This would not only help to emphasize the strong narrative elements of his work, but it would also allow clients to see how well his style translates across multiple bodies of work and assignments.

On Jamie’s new site, different project galleries are shown as thumbnail images with descriptive text that pops up when hovering over images.


Galleries then launch to a horizontal scroll.

In addition to editing and sequencing a selection of his most commercially viable projects, I also worked on compiling a general Lifestyle edit that simultaneously serves as an overview gallery. I was also careful to not include photos that were already in the project galleries. Pet Peeve: photo editors hate seeing images repeated in multiple galleries, which is why it’s so important for your edits to be decisive and deliberate.

Once the edit was complete, Jamie went ahead and made the updates and adjustments to his site (which also happened to include a shiny new logo) and was thrilled with the results.

This looks great! I am really liking the direction and site ideas. I think it’s a good balance of cleaner stuff that doesn’t scare people but also the creative stuff that shows a looser, less commercial side… Thanks again, I think this is going to work really well!

Take a look at Stacy's screencast of the before and after of Jamie's website:

If you’d like some revamping your own portfolio or web site, feel free to reach out! Our photo editors are always happy to help!

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