Print Edit: Making Waves with Kristianne Koch Riddle

Jul 15, 2016
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Kristianne Koch Riddle, one of our member photographers based in San Diego, sent me an email looking for some help getting a new print portfolio together. Kristianne is known for her unique and artful kids and lifestyle photography, but she recently returned from a year-long trip onboard a sailboat with her family and wanted help creating an edit that would integrate her new oceanic lifestyle imagery into her current work. We needed to incorporate this new work in a manner that would feel cohesive with the rest of her work and brand.

In the batch of images she sent over, Kristianne had included a handful of scenic, fine art seascapes for me to consider. Although I chose not to integrate too much of this work into the edit in order to keep the book as commercially viable and as client and brand focused as possible, I was able to carefully incorporate a few of them.

Kristianne’s book features one of her beautiful seascapes by wrapping it around the front and back cover.
Kristianne’s book features one of her beautiful seascapes by wrapping it around the front and back cover.

Since Kristianne’s style is consistent, solid, and developed, I knew it was going to be a great edit to work on. After making my selects from a batch of 500 or so images and considering a handful of different organizational options, I decided to take a thematic approach to sequencing her work. Knowing that the sailing trip was going to include her most recent work, I wanted to make sure that those images were included in the first half of the portfolio, before some of the less recent land-based lifestyle and kids work. As I sequenced and arranged the images, I thought about the overall flow of the book, and looked for photos that paired well together in order to tell a lifestyle story over a period of time. I also looked for images that would act as strong openers and closers of this story and reveal something unique about Kristianne, her style, and her work.

Kristianne’s edit starts with a handful of aquatic lifestyle spreads, beginning at the sea shore, then drifting out to sea, and then showing glimpses of life aboard the sailboat. Afterwards, the artful and moody photos of children looking for shells and fish along rocky jetties act as the perfect segue into the rocky, earthy images of children camping in the woods, and then into the rest of Kristianne’s lifestyle work. The book closes with a series of active senior living images and family-focused lifestyle content taken at the end of the day. The closing image is a quiet, fine art image of a blade of grass poking out of the marsh and directing your focus back to sea. 

Kristianne Koch Riddle photographs of leisure on the beach

Kristianne Koch Riddle photographs of camping leisure

Krisitanne was very happy with her edit and ordered two copies: one for her own client meetings, and a second copy for us to keep in-house for upcoming portfolio events. She had these words to say:

Oh my gosh, Stacy!! I love, love, love it. All my favorites are in there. It has a great flow and the stuff I think of as travel really is lifestyle. I am seeing it now…. So fun to see images together that were shot so far apart (in time) and see a tie-in.. Thank you so much for this amazing edit. I am excited!

Check out Kristianne's new portfolio below:

You can check out more of Kristianne’s work at and follow her amazing seaside adventures on Instagram @kristiannephotographs. And don’t forget to reach out if you’d like any help with an edit of your own!