Print Portfolio Management: Something New for Inti St. Clair

Nov 28, 2016
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In the Photo Editing department, we’re always thinking about new ways we can help photographers look their best. At the beginning of the year, we launched our Print Portfolio Production service and have been receiving rave reviews from both clients and photographers about the impact of a book that’s beautifully edited and printed.

Coincidentally, photographers started asking us to show their portfolios when they didn't have the time (or the inclination), so we launched our Portfolio Runner service.

Now that we’re building a collection of portfolios to show specifically for individual photographers (in addition to the ones we show at our Portfolio Events), it seemed only natural that we would create a service where we would periodically update those portfolios for those photgraphers. That way, we can keep them fresh or even tailor them to an individual client's needs. With our new Print Portfolio Management service, we can make those updates on a regular basis or as the need arises. Whether it’s a brand new project that you’d like us to integrate into your edit, or a new series of images that pertains to a particular client’s needs, this service is going to keep your book fresh and ahead of the curve.

Meli Ojeda updates Inti St. Clair’s book with some new content for a meeting with the XO group.

Photographer Inti St. Clair, who was one of the first to take advantage of our in-house portfolio printing, just recently used our Print Portfolio Management service to update her book for a Portfolio Event with the XO Group. When associate producer Meli Ojeda was busy setting up meetings last month, the XO Group creatives specifically mentioned an interest in seeing lifestyle portfolios with an emphasis on, "images of modern pregnancy, diversity, pregnant women with friends, parents using baby products, baby gear, and babies within a specific age group, particularly no older than 1.5 years."

With such a specific request, we knew we would have to dig a little deeper into our pool of portfolios and reach out to photographers who might have this work despite it not being in their book. (Always need to impress the client, right?) It just so happened that Inti had a great resource of images that were exactly what the client was looking for. She sent us over about 30 images that fit the bill. Meli and I selected 12 of those images to work into her existing edit. 

One of Inti's maternity photos that was perfect for XO group's needs. 

Once we chose the photos of Inti’s that perfectly fit the client’s request, we printed them out on our Moab Lasal matte paper and added them to her 11x17 screw post book.  Most of the new prints were put towards the front of her book, and the rest were strategically trickled throughout her edit. We kept about 60% of her previous edit and put the images we pulled out into an archival storage folder to eventually be added back in. Below is a video of the updated edit we showed at the XO group. 

You can see the previous version of Inti's book here.

The whole process worked out great, and the clients were completely impressed with Inti's new edit. If you’d like to give your brand a boost and make your print book work a little harder for you, feel free to reach out to learn more about our Print Portfolio services. 

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