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Mar 23, 2016
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In order to help our photographers as effectively and efficiently as we can, we’ve decided to bring on some new consulting services. You’ll see that we’re now offering a Print Portfolio Production service along with custom in-house printing. Over the years, we’ve had lots of photographers ask us about making inkjet portfolio prints. Whether for lush custom made portfolios, tailored books for last minute client meetings, or exhibition purposes, we’ve always had to send photographers elsewhere to get them done. After ordering a new Epson printer, spending hours making test prints, examining profiles and media types, I’m happy to announce we’re now able to provide this service in-house!

We’ve printed a few books so far, and have have gotten wonderful feedback. For example, Inti St. Clair was recently recommended for a meeting with a corporate client looking for lifestyle images. When she learned that they were only looking for a specific type of lifestyle work, she decided it would be best to tailor an edit specifically for the client rather than have them go through the extensive hard cover portfolio that we already had for her.

After discussing the details of what the client was looking for (and the short deadline just a week away!), Inti decided to have me do a quick project edit for her, print the images and compile them into a Pina Zangaro portfolio that she had shipped to us. For the project, I ended up pulling a total of 26 images from her website and sequenced them for the book. The images were printed on Moab Lasal paper from the high res files she sent over. The book was then put together and prefaced with a title page just days before the meeting. (Talk about expedited service!) It came out so great that Inti decided to have us keep it on file as a supplement to her primary portfolio.

And, just last week, it went off to yet another client meeting in New York—receiving rave reviews on the beautiful print quality from the creatives at Ogilvy (you can read more about that on the blog). Check out the full portfolio video below:

If you’re looking for help putting your own book together, shoot me an email or check out our consulting page!

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