Print Portfolio Production: Shawn Hubbard

Aug 19, 2016
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Shawn Hubbard, one of our member photographers, is a sports & fitness and reportage photographer based out of Baltimore, Maryland, and a few months back, he gave us a call looking for some help with his branding and marketing. He wanted a web edit in order to integrate some new work into his portfolio, a striking print promo to send out to clients, and a few other things, all of which would be included in a Branding Overhaul, which you can read about in Rachel's Branding Overhaul: A Touchdown for Shawn Hubbard. One of the most exciting and successful parts of the Overhaul was the production of his print portfolio, which we handled completely in-house.

The cover and case of Shawn's new print portfolio.

Before print production, I helped Shawn with a Print Edit for a brand new portfolio. With Shawn’s print edit, I decided to lead with his active lifestyle work, then carefully segue into his sports team work. This was different from how I organized his web edit, which I did intentionally so that clients who were already familiar with Shawn’s site could feel refreshed by a different approach with the book. You can read all about both the print and web edits for Shawn here.

After discussing the different options available and going over the pros and cons of on-demand printing, Shawn decided to go with a custom, hand-crafted 11x17 screw post portfolio from Mullenberg Designs. With this type of book, he’d be able to update it with new work whenever he needed and add supplemental content to better suit individual clients he met with. Our team helped him determine the best design, fabric, and sizing so that the book would complement his brand in the best possible light.

Because Shawn opted for in-house print production, it meant that we would be printing the pages and doing all the assembly. This was great for someone as meticulous as Shawn, as we were able to assure him that each page was being printed with the care and quality he expects.

Victoria checks on Shawn's images in the drying rack.

We printed on Moab Lasal paper, which is our in-house paper of choice, and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. The colors came out so rich, the blacks came out incredibly crisp, and the saturation made each image pop from the page. Here are a couple of our favorite spreads from the finished book:

And here's a complete look at Shawn's new print portfolio:

Here are Shawn's final thoughts on the project:

Since I first started out on my own as a photographer, aside from making a website and business cards, I hadn’t really invested much into marketing myself. When I decided I wanted to take the next step in promoting my brand, I was eager to get started but a little nervous about letting someone else edit my work since I had never really done that before. Rachel made sure every step of the process went smoothly and Stacy did a remarkable job of deciding which images best represented my brand. Despite my early hesitations they quickly earned my trust. Between a fresh, streamlined website, a beautifully printed portfolio and a print promo, I’ve never felt more confident about my brand and can’t wait to show it off to potential clients.

If you're interested in our print production services, give me a shout!

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