Print Promo: A Catchy Design for Noel Besuzzi

Aug 11, 2016
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Noel Besuzzi is a kids and lifestyle photographer from sunny SoCal and her personality is just as warm as the weather there. When we first started brainstorming ideas for her printed promo we knew we wanted to do something a bit different and more eccentric than a two-dimensional printed post card.

Noel sent us a package of her past promos for inspiration, and inside we found a fun interactive one she had sent out during the holiday season that included a home-made version of Mad Libs. This immediately started our wheels turning. It became clear that Noel needed an interactive promo—something tangible that people could play with and have fun with, yet something memorable enough with her images that prospective clients would remember her. Who doesn’t want a cool promo like that in the mail? With an interactive promo decided, it was time to come up with what it would actually be. We came up with a few ideas: a match game using her images, a fun calendar, and a cootie catcher. In the end, we decided on the cootie catcher. Noel said she always had this idea to create one of the nostalgic fortune teller games from childhood. 

With the decision made, it was time to see if we could even execute it. We needed to be sure that Noel’s images would hold up through the multiple folding and unfolding of the game without any ink cracking. We also had to make sure we were choosing images that would hold up well at such a small size. On top of that, they had to be cohesive with her brand and complement each other in the actual cootie catcher. This is where our talented photo editor, Stacy, came in. She perfectly paired up images with an ocean setting and images with a land setting, (ocean and land being the two web galleries that define Noel’s kids and lifestyle work). Stacy also advised that the first four panels should contain Noel’s logo and contact information as well as two very strong images. 

If you’ve ever made one of these games yourself (and I’m sure you did in elementary school!) you’ll know the back of the game is a completely blank slate. This happened to be perfect for us to use to feature a strong closing image that doubled as a small poster. Again, Stacy used her magic and came up with the perfect closing shot that encapsulated all things Noel. Now the promo had two functions, to be played as a game and to be hung as a poster. 

Complete with packaging!

Once the promo was designed, the next part was finding a printer that worked well. We needed to be sure to print it on paper that was easily foldable and that wouldn’t crack the ink, but also wouldn’t tear easily. After two tries we finally found the right printer and our design was materialized in front of us!

We scored, folded, and packaged each promo in-house.

Noel’s promo came out better than we dreamed and she’s had a successful run of sending it out to over 50 creatives in her area!  

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