Shoot Production: In-Store Displays for Pepsi

Dec 7, 2015
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I recently had the pleasure of working with the creative team at TracyLocke to produce a fun-filled day of dancing, cheering and summertime grilling for Pepsi’s new in-store displays. With a solid creative approach dialed-in, the goal was to capture six people interacting with each other in three different high-energy scenarios within a single day at a studio in New York City. The agency was bringing on their creative director and photographer Eric Gilbert to capture all of the fun, and it was up to us to arrange all of the logistics in order to bring the vision to life. Working closely with the agency’s art producer, we quickly got to work.

My first task was to book a studio. I knew we wanted a space that would be comfortable, convenient and private, and Outpost Studio in Brooklyn fit all of those requirements. The agency had also worked on projects there previously, so when I found out they could accommodate our shoot date, I quickly booked the space. I’ve produced shoots at many of the giant multi-studio locations in NYC in the past, and Outpost offered a breath of fresh air in terms of accessibility, management and amenities. I’ll definitely be back.

Outpost Studio in Brooklyn

My next task was to find our energy-filled talent, and I connected with Matthew Wulf over at Wulf Casting to help us find just the right subjects. The agency hoped to capture video as well as still images of each talent on the casting day to get a sense of their personalities and to see if they could cue up a lot of energy on command. Matthew nailed the casting, and the results were awesome and equally amusing to watch. It wasn’t long until we dialed-in the agency and client’s favorites, and the talent was booked and ready to go.

Casting results from Wulf Casting

With casting good to go, I turned my attention to our styling team. I was quick to reach for my phone to call up Ennis and discuss appropriate crew. We ultimately booked Susan Donoghue to handle hair/makeup, and Annie Cavallo would tackle all things wardrobe and prop related (both with assistants). The creative brief called for youthful, hip and athletic themed wardrobe as well as a few props like a charcoal grill, grilling utensils and party accessories, and Annie was able to source some really fantastic options. Additionally, the shoot called for a handful of shots featuring grilled hot dogs, hamburgers and veggies, so we brought on food stylist Brooks Halliday to manage the summertime-themed snacks.

Hair/makeup stylist Susan Donoghue’s portfolio

Wardrobe/prop stylist Annie Cavallo’s portfolio

With the location, talent and styling checked off of my to do list, all that was left to do was order some awesome catering for the day, develop a schedule and compile a production book. I ended up placing a catering order with D’Orazio, and they whipped up a delicious menu for the day (with food picked fresh at the farmers market) that kept everyone happy and fueled-up. I then worked closely with the agency to develop a thorough schedule based on their shot list, drafted up a production book, and after a few emails, a pre-production call and a quick trip from Philly up to NYC, we were ready for the shoot.

The shoot day was a ton of fun, filled with lots of energy, and most importantly, everyone was incredibly nice, professional and great to work with. Here are the final in-store displays coming soon to a store near you:

To learn more about our production services please visit our shoot production page or shoot me an email. We’re always happy to chat as well, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line at 610.260.0200.

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