Design: The Thomas Strand Brand

Dec 4, 2013
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Over the last month, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Thomas Strand, a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Minneapolis. Tom came to Wonderful Machine looking for a new graphic identity, hoping to elevate his brand and bring in more of the sophisticated work he was looking for. I used his existing logo to create the appropriate stationary needed to fulfill his package.

While stationery might seem insignificant in comparison to a photographer’s website or print portfolio, we’ve found that unique stationery in certain instances can make all the difference. It’s in the stationery and promotional pieces that a brand further takes its shape and is allowed to adapt and evolve across various forms of print media. A business card that has the unique tactile quality of letterpress not only stands out as a unique piece worth holding onto, it speaks to the photographer’s commitment to his brand and his eye for the finite, yet crucial details.


Tom has been a pleasure to work with not just because of his strong work and great personality, but also because he understands the importance of securing his place in his clients’ minds by using these materials. While letterpress business cards come with a greater price tag, Tom understood that he invested in his brand, building a strong foundation that his future clients will take notice of and won’t soon forget.


Tom’s business cards are letterpress printed with black ink on Black Speckletone stock from French Paper, fused to Crane’s Fluorescent White Lettra. Letterpress printing by the awesome Scott McClelland of Paper Meets Press.

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