Web Ads: April 2017

May 1, 2017
Web Ads

In April, we decided to focus on our photographer directory! We switched out our shoot production ad for one focused on our 700 member photographers and worked off of our previous directory keywords and text to populate our April ad. We kept our ad text short and sweet and linked to our Find Photographers page. Take a look at our April ad:

In April, we saw a decline in our bounce rate to correspond with the switch to our photographer directory ad. With our directory appealing to many types of clients, we're able to keep our keywords diverse and demographics broad, leading to our ad appearing for a much larger group of people. With a larger audience and more general appeal, we saw our bounce rate drop to about 60%, 20% lower than last month. You can see a breakdown of our April AdWords clicks below:

The ad had 599 clicks and 29,101 impressions, with a click-through rate of 2.06%. Our average pages-per-session increased to 4.41, meaning the traffic we targeted was engaged. Pages-per-session is a great way to gauge how relevant the traffic coming to a website is. Low pages per session indicate a lack of engagement, as do high bounce rates. 

We kept the majority of the keywords in the ad the same as the last time we ran it, and our top five keywords included:

find a photographer • professional photographer • editorial photographers • commercial photographers • best professional photographers

Be sure to check back next month for changes to our ads! 

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