Web Ads: October 2016

Nov 4, 2016
Web Ads

For the month of October, we continued to advertise via Facebook ads and Google Adwords. For our Facebook ad, we continued using a stunning adventure photo from Isaac Lane Koval with a white overlay of our slogan, "Find What You're Looking For." Take a look at the image below: 

Photo by Isaac Lane Koval

Though we stuck with the same image, we created a new target group for the ad and redefined our audience by targeting major cities across the globe. We continued to show the ad on Facebook as well as Instagram (owned by Facebook). Check out our Audience below, targeted by city and job title:

Normally, we don’t share our ads with people who have already liked our page; however, in an attempt to reengage with our community, we included them in our set this month. Our ad reached a total of 10,210 people between Facebook and Instagram and received 70 link clicks. Check out the ad below:

For our Google AdWords this month, we geared our ad towards our production services. This meant we used keyword search terms like "location scouts" and "executive producer" to facilitate search results. Here is a graph of clicks from our AdWords campaign. This shows a total of 68 clicks and 11,010 impressions, which gives us a click through rate of .62%.

Check out our ad in desktop and mobile views below:

Desktop View

​Mobile View

Questions? Reach out! And check in next month to see our November web ads!

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