Web Edit: Defining Style with Shannon Faulk

Jun 14, 2019
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Shannon Faulk is a Dallas-based photographer whose years of shooting for industrial and healthcare companies make him an adept storyteller. When he first contacted Wonderful Machine, our team noticed a lot of potential in his photos. However, his website couldn’t do his work justice, randomizing photos and mixing specialties together. After sharing our insights with Shannon, he agreed a web edit would help reframe his business and enhance his presentation.

Shannon and I discussed his overall goal before digging into his archives. In the end, we decided to emphasize his industrial, healthcare, and corporate work, while highlighting some architecture and individual projects.

“My initial goal for the project was to weed out a style from the sea of images collected over the years. Before we started the process, my portfolio/website was all over the place. Only after speaking with Molly did I realize how her knowledge set us in motion. Finding all of the images for her to make those unseen selects that otherwise would not have ended up in my portfolio.”

After a preliminary round of edits, his architecture and interior galleries felt out of place on an otherwise succinct site. While happy to take on those projects, Shannon decided his overall portfolio felt stronger with a more defined focus.

Once we had his main galleries outlined, we explored three projects to highlight. First, Shannon’s aerial work includes a technical skillset — useful for industrial clients. His work for CBRE demonstrates his approach to a large project for a single client. In the final project gallery, we wanted to feature something a little more personal.

Shannon sent me a selection of images from a recent family road trip — a project that felt honest and authentic. While not a traditional approach to lifestyle work, his photos are impactful, passionate, and playful. This piece of his site shows what Shannon can do with creative freedom, an asset he brings to all of his clients.

Here’s a peek at Shanon’s new site:

As you can see, his galleries now show his primary specialties with appropriate titles – Industry, Business, and Health + Wellness — incorporating a range of work, from surgery and recovery to healthy lifestyles.

In his projects section, he can feature recent or exciting work, keeping his site fresh for clients.

Shannon’s new website shows his ability to produce a library of strong images as he builds narratives within each gallery. More importantly, it shows Shannon’s personality as a photographer — someone who highlights human connection, even in dangerous or high-intensity environments.

Armed with a new perspective, Shannon is ready to flaunt his site to clients old and new!

“Working with Molly was great, she takes the time to get to know you as a photographer and what it is that drives you to make your images. Helps you select your images from an editor's mindset instead of a photographer's “been there, done that” frame of mind. A must when you’re trying to grab that new client viewing your website for the first time. She helped me find my voice and that was my goal for this project from the start.”

If you are looking for help defining your voice for a web edit, feel free to shoot me an email or call the office at 610 260 0200.