Web Template Customization & Web Edit: A Dynamic New Site for Frantic Studio

Aug 3, 2015
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The last time I wrote about Frantic Studio, a production company based in Brooklyn, New York I had just finished their logo refinement and business cards, which was the first installment of their branding overhaul. The second installment was a web template customization and web edit. For this installment we looped in our awesome senior photo editor, Sean Stone.

From the start Frantic studio had a clear look and style in mind for their new site. Simply put they wanted a site that featured one long continuous scroll that included all of their content. Another element that they were looking for was a parallax scroll; this is when the background moves slower than the foreground, creating the illusion that items are moving on top of one another. 

Here are a few shots of their old site. As you can see from the screen shots below, their color palette choice is distracting from their strong body of work. 

The bright orange and irregular image sizes creates a negative space that distracts from their portraiture work making it feel cramped. In a site you want your images to be large but still have room to breathe.


With these elements in mind, we set off to find a Squarespace template that featured everything we were looking for. In the end we settled on the Marquee template, which included both the one long continuous scroll and the parallax scroll. While we were deciding on the template Sean started in on Frantic’s web edit and here is what he had to say about the process.

Working with Frantic was an unusual challenge. I’ve worked with lots of photographers to refine their video portfolios, but had never worked with the volume of content that Frantic had to offer. I watched dozens and dozens of short films, comparing several versions and edits of the same films, and multiple pieces for the same clients. I chose to organize the work by client project to underscore their ability to meet the needs of high-end brands. My goal was to show their excellent production value (both in terms of filming and motion graphics) experience, and creative vision.

Once we had the final web edit from Sean we could hit the ground running with the Marquee template and started building Frantic’s new site. One element of Frantic’s work that was highlighted by Sean’s wonderful edit was their great motion work. Sean and I determined that the best way to highlight their large body of motion work and the high caliber clients they shoot for would be to show the videos as thumbnails sorted by client. We also decided to take the same visual approach to the still section of the site as well. Here are a few shots of both the motion and still sections of the site.

To see a complete before and after critique, be sure to check the screen cast below. 

Frantic Studio’s site is now live and is looking great so be sure to check it out at franticstudio.com. Thanks for taking a look! Interested in a web edit or web template customization of you own? Check out all of our consulting services and feel free to reach out to Sean or me if you are interested in one of your own! 

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