Whether you need a website bio, promo text, a press release or just a simple edit, we can help you compose engaging — and grammatically correct — copy that complements your photographs and helps you attract attention for all the right reasons.

Let’s face it: photographers aren’t always the best writers. Nothing ruins a great website or well-designed promo quite like a typo, grammatical error, or poor choice of words. So when you’re planning on having thousands of eyes on your marketing materials, let us make sure every word counts.

Publicity Consulting Rate $120/hour

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When a client has a good sense of you personally and professionally, they’ll feel that much more inclined to hire you. An engaging biography is a great opportunity to make a good first impression, and our marketing/publicity consultants can help you do that. The process begins with us reviewing your website to get a feel for your skills, style, and brand. We’ll interview you to understand more about your personal and professional background, philosophy, and your goals for the future. Then we’ll draft a bio that will create just the right impression for clients. Price includes two rounds of revisions.

$500 package price
Estimated turnaround: 1-2 weeks

Guillaume Megevand • Mike KelleyHillary MayberyGregory Pierce

Publicity Pitch

Do you have a story to tell? Maybe you have an interesting experience or accomplishment (gallery show, unique promotional piece, unusual shoot) that photography or general interest publications would consider publishing. We can help you decide whether a press release, media alert, or personalized email will be the most effective way to submit your pitch. We’ll create the write-ups and send them out to a handpicked list of appropriate publications and blogs. Then we'll follow up with each one to answer any questions they might have and to explain why your story would interest their readers.

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Estimated turnaround: 1-2 weeks

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Blog Posts

Need help keeping up with blog posts? Our consultants can help by writing individual blog posts and either updating them through your blog’s content management system or sending the article to you to publish. We will review the information behind the story you’d like to tell and we’ll help choose the best images to showcase. We’ll then send over a list of interview questions and use the responses to write the post. We will also include alt text information for the images and keywords for the posts for better search engine optimization.

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Emailer & Print Promo Copy

A clever turn of phrase can be a great complement to a beautiful photograph. Our writers will find the perfect words to help your pictures resonate with clients. We’ll start by reviewing your website in order to better understand your brand. We’ll have a conversation with you to understand your professional goals and to agree on the tone of the promos. We’ll then draft a number of options for you to choose from. Price includes two rounds of revisions. We can also advise you on good subject lines for your emailers.

$400 package price
Estimated turnaround: 1-2 weeks

Luke Copping 

Social Media Start-Up

Social media can become a driving force for your business if you present the right message and consistently engage with the right audience. But with so many blogging and social media platforms to choose from, which ones are right for you, what kind of content should you be sharing, and how do you create an efficient workflow to share that message in as little time as possible? Let our experts help you reconcile your skills and interests with the opportunities in the marketplace, then craft a social media strategy that incorporates regular blog posts and social media outreach to address those goals. Start-Up includes creating accounts on up to 4 social media networks, following users we identify as useful audiences for you to engage with, along with a social media calendar and workflow. Networks include a blog (of your choosing integrated with your website), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.

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Social Media Partner

Having a consistently strong social media presence is an essential part of every photographer’s marketing plan. But what if you don’t have the time, interest or knowledge to do it? Connecting with one of our experts will work wonders for your social media if you find yourself stuggling with these issues. Our staff will first assess your current presence on social media and we’ll talk with you to understand what makes you tick as a photographer and to understand your business goals. We’ll then work with you to find a voice for your posts that works best for you and your brand. With a steady stream of raw material from you (including a bit of a backlog to ensure continuity), we’ll create and post regular content and engage with your audience. We can scale our service up or down to fit your needs and budget.

$500/month: Instagram
$750/month: 3 social media sites

SEO Audit

SEO for photographers is a tough space, with constantly changing standards and image-heavy pages. We will take a deep dive through your website and identify your current implementation's strengths and weaknesses and provide a list of changes and explanations you can make to counteract penalties and improve your visibility to search engines. 

$600 package price 

SEO Implementation

If you'd rather leave your SEO implementation to us, we're happy to implement the suggestions obtained in the SEO Audit for Photographers on an hourly basis. 

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Analytics Start-Up

Where is your web traffic coming from? What parts of your site are clients looking at? How long are they staying on your site, what’s your bounce rate, and why is that important? Our staff can set you up with analytics tools that will help you gather that information and then train you to interpret it and how to take action based on it.

$700 package price

Analytics Report

No time to track your web analytics? Let one of our experts compile all the relevant information and deliver a report to you on a monthly or quarterly basis. We can help you understand the sources of your traffic and make recommendations about changes you can make to increase your traffic from the right types of clients.

$360 package price

Also Available

  • Press Releases
  • Media Alerts
  • Book Copy
  • Website Copy
  • Translations
  • Copy Editing