Shoot Production

Need help producing a still or video shoot? We’ve got you covered. Our dedicated team of executive producers are here to help you nail the creative, stick to the budget and keep the collective blood pressure low. No shoot is too small and no production is too big.

Does your creative director want a grizzly bear to play poker? We know a guy. Is your art director a gluten-free vegetarian? We have just the right caterer. We love paperwork, creative calls and production books (even in our personal lives—seriously—Craig made a production book for his son’s birth). We absorb the stress of a production so you don’t have to. Work with us. You’ll be glad you did.

Contact Jess Dudley and Craig Oppenheimer to get the ball rolling.

Let's make it happen

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Our Services

  • On-Site Shoot Production
  • Art Buying, Research & Negotiation
  • Estimating & Cost Consulting
  • Crew Sourcing & Negotiation
  • Location Scouting & Permits
  • Casting, Talent Negotiation & Releases
  • Travel Coordination, Carnets & Visas
  • Insurance
  • Payroll Processing
  • Catering
  • Equipment
  • Retouching & Post-Production