Since clients often contact our photographers directly, we won’t know about every assignment or stock sale we generate. But we do hear about the positive impact we’re having…

  • “I’m fortunate in that I’m currently working through pre-production on a project where the agency client found me via Wonderful Machine!  It was great hearing that she found me through the website by searching the Portland area for photographers.” — Sheldon Sabbatini // Tiger, Oregon
  • “I can’t express how much Wonderful Machine has done for me already in a few months. I actually just got another job today to shoot a portrait for The Guardian! I’m excited about all of the possibilities moving forward. ” — Egan Parks // Cincinnati, Ohio
  • “Wonderful Machine works. They’ve sent me on jobs for brands like Purina Mills and Coca-Cola. During COVID nobody wanted to get on a plane so they searched Wonderful Machine. Two agencies from LA and Raleigh hired me this Spring. It pays to advertise, to coin a phrase.” — Scott Van Osdol // Austin, Texas

  • “Wonderful Machine is a great resource for Photographers promoting their work and clients looking for high-end photography and video.” — Nick Nacca // San Diego, California
  • On a shoot with Nike, they said “Really appreciate the partnership to make this happen in such short notice. Major thanks again to you guys and the team! We’re stoked with the shots and are excited to start working with them!”

  • While helping an Endo Aesthetics shoot with Digitas Health agency, they said “The team was wonderful as always, thank you again for being so great on this project. I hope we get to do bigger ones soon!

  • “Doing research on potential clients initially was a daunting task for me. I didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask. Jen Warren at Wonderful Machine took care of everything, with almost no time or effort for me.  Within hours of the initial emails going out  I started receiving responses from some of my most sought after clients.” — Joseph Weaver // San Francisco, California

  • “I’ve been a Wonderful Machine client for nearly a decade! During that time, they have helped promote my work, brought me assignments, and acted as an agent for high-profile negotiations. During the pandemic, they have been especially helpful by reducing fees and increasing webinars & outreach. If you are a photographer looking for help promoting your work, estimating projects, curating your images, or just learning more about the industry – WM is a fantastic resource. And if you are an agency, or client looking for a photographer to hire – Wonderful Machine’s highly curated group of creative professionals is the best place to start!” — Teri Campbell // Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • A photo Editor at Focus Magazine wrote “Hi Bill, we booked Florida photographer Tina Sargeant for our shoot next week in Jacksonville – she is such a pleasure to work with! Thank you for all your help in connecting me with her.”
  • “I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the content they put out to help photographers of all levels in the commercial world. In such a competitive industry, I am grateful for generous leaders that show real interest in helping others. Thank you, WM and Bill for everything you do!” — Camilla Myrrha // Provo, Utah
  • A Senior Editor at American Psychological Association called looking for photographer recommendations. She raved about Wonderful machine and said she uses us all the time, appreciating that our photographers are vetted.
  • “I would like to say thank you to you and Bill for all the wonderful resources you have been able to put together. It has truly been a huge help to me and so many photographers I know.” — Chad Dennis // Atlantic Beac, Florida

  • “Wonderful Machine has a done a great job over the last few years with promoting my business.” —David Papazian // Portland Oregon

  • “You are amazing to work with and I just suggested a coworker reach out to you about another global project we have coming up.” — Production Specialist from Kohler

  • “Wonderful Machine’s proactive move to lower membership rates when the Pandemic hit is not only to be commended but no doubt, it also helped keep me on board and involved in the group while so many of my revenue streams paused or dried up.” — John Muggenborg // Tarrytown, New York
  • “You guys at Wonderful Machine have been doing an amazing job during the COVID situation. Many, many thanks. I particularly enjoyed the first meetings early into the confinement. I also really enjoyed the session where we discussed photographers’ websites. I found that you had a very good, deep understanding of where and how photographers try to position themselves. I know that you understand photography markets: big city vs. smaller towns, commercial vs. editorial, etc. You also seem to have a good eye to see potential.” — Christian Fleury // Montreal, Canada
  • A media editor from Nature asked for recommendations for photographers in Amsterdam and was able to get in touch with Philip Jintes, so they hired him.
  • Jane mentioned she was hired by German company Bernheim Ingersoll to shoot a portrait for an annual report for $4000 this year and that every year something comes up that continues to make WM worth paying for. Jane Shauck // West Hartford, Connecticut 
  • “I rely on Wonderful Machine to find photographers locally” — Photo Editor / Food Network Magazine
  • “I use [Wonderful Machine] as a reference to look for photographers all of the time.” — Photo Editor / Ink Global
  • “I hire photographers ALL the time from you guys. You all built my database!” — Photo Producer / Pace Communications
  • “I am a huge fan of you guys. I am actually headed to Nashville and will certainly make sure folks there know you guys if they don’t already.” — Creative Director / Bohan Advertising
  • “I’ve been using Wonderful Machine for a decade. I remember discovering WM and thinking this is amazing cause I don’t have to look at a million random portfolios anymore” — VP Design / Imagination Publishing
  • “Your search tool is wonderful” — Photography Specialist / Red Bull
  • Andrew said Wonderful Machine is perfect for him. He gets about 1-2 big jobs a year (consistently over 10 years) and it helps his SEO. He mentioned that we reach out to him a perfect amount throughout the year and never feels upsold. He appreciates the profile updates and the little recommendations we always include. — Andrew Lindsey // San Francisco, California 
  • “We always tell the photographers who want to market their work that there are some key places they should make sure to be visible to make sure they are being found by agencies and brands worldwide, and Wonderful Machine is always a site that we suggest, especially for the US.” — General Manager / Production Paradise
  • Dan was complimentary of an estimate Craig Oppenheimer did for him (for a winery). He would never have thought to ask for as much money and it will pay for his Wonderful Machine membership for years to come! — Dan Cutrona // Miami, Florida
  • “I’ve personally used Wonderful Machine before for a shoot and had a great experience.” — Art Producer / FCBCURE
  • Craig Oppenheimer worked on a licensing quote with Erik Isakson for Modelo. It was approved. He said, “Thanks again for your input. I just received a PO from Upshot today, requesting the 6-month option, so that’s great news! I hope to be in touch again soon.” — Erik Isakson // Los Angeles, California
  • “I consistently see inquiries from my Wonderful Machine listing. I have one client that found me on Wonderful Machine that I’ve already worked 9 times for this year.” — Dan Bigelow // Ridgefield, Connecticut

Wonderful Machine by the Numbers

(as of October 2021)

We have 603 member photographers listed on our directory

  • 73% live in the U.S., 27% live outside of the U.S.
  • 74% of our photographers are men, 26% are women
  • 95% are white, 4.8% are People of Color
  • 30% of our photographers shoot video
  • The median duration our members have been with us is 4 years, 11 months

Each week, we get 15 membership inquiries

  • We invite 7
  • 3 join, 3 leave

We promote our photographers to 17,189 people who work at…

  • 3,500 publications
  • 6,374 agencies
  • 8,216 brands
  • 86% of those people live in the U.S.
  • Each month, we add 205 people and 91 companies
  • Each month, we update 1153 individual records and send emails to 1036 people
  • Each month, we update 540 company data records

Our website gets 9,706 visits each month from 9,187 unique visitors

  • 59% of our website traffic comes from within the U.S., 41% outside the U.S.
  • Each of our photographers gets 21 impressions each month
  • Each of our photographers gets 9 click-throughs each month

We have accounts on all the major social media platforms

  • 7,672 Facebook followers, each post reaches nearly 200 people
  • 15,000 Instagram followers, our images receive 2500 likes each month
  • 7,216 Twitter followers
  • 3,216 LinkedIn followers
  • 1,287 Pinterest followers with 88,800 monthly views
  • 1,550 YouTube followers