Since clients often contact our photographers directly, we won’t know about every assignment or stock sale we generate. But we do hear about the positive impact we’re having…

  • “Artex Productions found me on Wonderful Machine and when they presented me to Known, the agency tackling the campaign, they were an immediate “yes”! So, off I went to Fort Lauderdale to spend 7 days aboard an active cruise ship, shooting at crazy hours of the morning and night.” — Tom Kubik // Los Angeles, California
  • “I wanted to mention how impressed and appreciative I am of Wonderful Machine’s seemingly hands-on approach to social media interaction with their photographers. I truly feel no other outlet that I am involved in pertaining to showcasing work of creatives is as active as you all are. It’s nice to see that what you are paying for actually has a presence.” — Anthony Tahlier // Chicago, Illinois
  • “I had some solid shoots at the end of last year in which the clients found me through Wonderful Machine. I shot an ad for Splenda and I just finished a five-week project for a Pharma company.” — Jeremiah Wilson // Brandon, Florida
  • “Some of the most memorable assignments of my career have come through Wonderful Machine, and I appreciate the support that you and your colleagues have given me over the years.” — Minesh Bacrania // Los Alamos, New Mexico
  • “The agriculture photo work I display with WM really helps my business. I have another large company agriculture shoot tomorrow because the producer found me on WM.” — Jeremiah Wilson // Brandon, Florida
  • “I wouldn’t be a photographer at this point without the support of Wonderful Machine. They helped put me on the map. I’m a searchable entity on their website, which reaches a vast amount of creatives all over the world, and they’ve developed a great reputation as a resource for finding talent.” — Anonymous Photographer on aPhotoEditor Instagram
  • “I’ve been with Wonderful Machine since 2010. I’ve seen a lot of photographers come and go with them. I’m happy to be with them and value all they do for me.“ — Bryan Regan // Raleigh, North Carolina
  • “I’ve been with Wonderful Machine since 2010. I’ve seen a lot of photographers come and go with them. I’m happy to be with them and value all they do for me.“ — Bryan Regan // Raleigh, North Carolina
  • “Hi Bill, Just had a new client meeting this morning, and as we were wrapping up I asked how they found us. The answer was once again — one way or another — Wonderful Machine. Thanks very much for the service you provide, the trust you foster, and the connections you create. It has meant a lot for my business.” — Scott Gable // Buffalo, New York
  • “It’s been just so wonderful working with all of you and I’m so looking forward to the next project with you guys. Like seriously, you guys are the best!” — Amie Santavicca // Tampa, Florida
  • “I make a habit of asking all clients where they find me and it is almost always Wonderful Machine. I love Wonderful Machine.” — Lucy Hewett // Chicago, Illinois
  • “The browse feature is great, and a lot like something WM had available a few years ago, and I’m glad it’s back. I’ve noticed traffic increase from WM to my site because of this.” — Chuk Nowak // Livonia, Michigan
  • “I love the Browse feature! Love love love typing in any location/specialty and seeing what naturally propagates. Putting my feet in a buyer’s shoes is an absolutely crucial feature. Searching for a location/specialty before was lackluster since it went to a list of names instead of immediately seeing pretty pictures of the search criteria. Excellent work with this.” — Clint Davis // Charleston, South Carolina
  • “I tried several of your competitors at the same time and WM is the only service that actually gave me any results. I will certainly recommend you above all others when asked which service is best.” — Braxton Wilhelmsen // Syracuse, Utah
  • “The consulting services were my best experiences with WM. Working on a client list really expanded my vision for my business. Working with Elo on finding an agent was incredible, I really appreciated her candour and gentle nudges in the right direction.” — Shravya Kag // Brooklyn, New York
  • “I noticed I’ve been getting additional requests for editorial projects, which is exciting and Wonderful Machine is to thank!” — Jill Broussard // Ft. Worth, Texas
  • The Photo Director at National Geographic Kids Books said she found Matthew Rakola on our site ten years ago and has been using him ever since.
  • “I get two or three serious jobs per year, with fees in the five-figure range, and from proper global clients like T. Rowe Price.” — Tom Medwell // London, United Kindom
  • “The reduction indeed offered a measure of relief and was truly appreciated. The fact that WM did that meant more than you might know, my sincere thanks.” — Art Meripol // Birmingham, Alabama
  • “I happened to be shooting big trucks at a rock quarry all day with an agency from Tampa. They found me through WM and I sent them an advance copy of the Spotlight article. Today they told me it cemented my winning the job. Now there’s a testimonial!” — Scott Van Osdel // Austin, Texas
  • “I definitely appreciate the COVID membership discount for the last couple of years. WM has been a great source of assignments for me, and will hopefully continue to be for the years to come.” — Minesh Bacrania // Los Alamos, New Mexico
  • “We ended up using Luis Cerdeira and he was great! Thanks again for the help and look forward to working with you in the future.” Associate Content Producer / R/GA
  • “I’m very appreciative of the way Wonderful Machine made considerable efforts to help photographers through the pandemic, both with discounted pricing and with thoughtful efforts to engage and increase membership value. Thank you.” — John Davidson // Austin, Texas
  • “I had 3 assignments, 2 from IBM system magazine and 1 from Monocle Magazine. The clients I worked for were really good ones, very interesting jobs and well paid.” — Giuliano Del Gatto // Rome, Italy
  • “I’m fortunate in that I’m currently working through pre-production on a project where the agency client found me via Wonderful Machine!  It was great hearing that she found me through the website by searching the Portland area for photographers.” — Sheldon Sabbatini // Tiger, Oregon
  • “I can’t express how much Wonderful Machine has done for me already in a few months. I actually just got another job today to shoot a portrait for The Guardian! I’m excited about all of the possibilities moving forward.” — Egan Parks // Cincinnati, Ohio
  • “Wonderful Machine works. They’ve sent me on jobs for brands like Purina Mills and Coca-Cola. During COVID nobody wanted to get on a plane so they searched Wonderful Machine. Two agencies from LA and Raleigh hired me this Spring. It pays to advertise, to coin a phrase.” — Scott Van Osdol // Austin, Texas
  • “Wonderful Machine is a great resource for Photographers promoting their work and clients looking for high-end photography and video.” — Nick Nacca // San Diego, California
  • “I’ve been a Wonderful Machine client for nearly a decade! During that time, they have helped promote my work, brought me assignments, and acted as an agent for high-profile negotiations. During the pandemic, they have been especially helpful by reducing fees and increasing webinars & outreach. If you are a photographer looking for help promoting your work, estimating projects, curating your images, or just learning more about the industry – WM is a fantastic resource. And if you are an agency, or client looking for a photographer to hire – Wonderful Machine’s highly curated group of creative professionals is the best place to start!” — Teri Campbell // Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • A photo Editor at Focus Magazine wrote “Hi Bill, we booked Florida photographer Tina Sargeant for our shoot next week in Jacksonville – she is such a pleasure to work with! Thank you for all your help in connecting me with her.”
  • “I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the content they put out to help photographers of all levels in the commercial world. In such a competitive industry, I am grateful for generous leaders that show real interest in helping others. Thank you, WM and Bill for everything you do!” — Camilla Myrrha // Provo, Utah
  • A Senior Editor at American Psychological Association called looking for photographer recommendations. She raved about Wonderful machine and said she uses us all the time, appreciating that our photographers are vetted.
  • “I would like to say thank you to you and Bill for all the wonderful resources you have been able to put together. It has truly been a huge help to me and so many photographers I know.” — Chad Dennis // Atlantic Beach, Florida
  • “You are amazing to work with and I just suggested a coworker reach out to you about another global project we have coming up.” — Production Specialist from Kohler
  • “Wonderful Machine’s proactive move to lower membership rates when the Pandemic hit is not only to be commended but no doubt, it also helped keep me on board and involved in the group while so many of my revenue streams paused or dried up.” — John Muggenborg // Tarrytown, New York
  • “You guys at Wonderful Machine have been doing an amazing job during the COVID situation. Many, many thanks. I particularly enjoyed the first meetings early into the confinement. I also really enjoyed the session where we discussed photographers’ websites. I found that you had a very good, deep understanding of where and how photographers try to position themselves. I know that you understand photography markets: big cities vs. smaller towns, commercial vs. editorial, etc. You also seem to have a good eye to see the potential.” — Christian Fleury // Montreal, Canada
  • A media editor from Nature asked for recommendations for photographers in Amsterdam and was able to get in touch with Philip Jintes, so they hired him.
  • Jane mentioned she was hired by German company Bernheim Ingersoll to shoot a portrait for an annual report for $4000 this year and that every year something comes up that continues to make WM worth paying for. Jane Shauck // West Hartford, Connecticut 
  • “I rely on Wonderful Machine to find photographers locally.” — Photo Editor / Food Network Magazine
  • “I use [Wonderful Machine] as a reference to look for photographers all of the time.” — Photo Editor / Ink Global
  • “I hire photographers ALL the time from you guys. You all built my database!” — Photo Producer / Pace Communications
  • “I am a huge fan of you guys. I am actually headed to Nashville and will certainly make sure folks there know you guys if they don’t already.” — Creative Director / Bohan Advertising
  • “I’ve been using Wonderful Machine for a decade. I remember discovering WM and thinking this is amazing cause I don’t have to look at a million random portfolios anymore.” — VP Design / Imagination Publishing

  • “Your search tool is wonderful.” — Photography Specialist / Red Bull
  • Andrew said Wonderful Machine is perfect for him. He gets about 1-2 big jobs a year (consistently over 10 years) and it helps his SEO. He mentioned that we reach out to him a perfect amount throughout the year and never feels upsold. He appreciates the profile updates and the little recommendations we always include. — Andrew Lindsey // San Francisco, California 
  • “We always tell the photographers who want to market their work that there are some key places they should make sure to be visible to make sure they are being found by agencies and brands worldwide, and Wonderful Machine is always a site that we suggest, especially for the US.” — General Manager / Production Paradise
  • “I’ve personally used Wonderful Machine before for a shoot and had a great experience.” — Art Producer / FCBCURE
  • “I consistently see inquiries from my Wonderful Machine listing. I have one client that found me on Wonderful Machine that I’ve already worked 9 times for this year.” — Dan Bigelow // Ridgefield, Connecticut

Wonderful Machine by the Numbers

(as of May 2024)

We have 64 staff members in 11 countries (Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Philippines, Portugal, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, United States).

  • 61% of our staff members have been with us for more than a year.
  • 61% of our staff members live outside of the US.
  • We speak Afrikaans, Croatian, English, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Sinhalese, Spanish, and Tagalog.
  • There are 26 Analysts, 9 Publicists, 9 Photo Editors, 5 Creative Consultants, 3 Marketing Specialists, 1 Designer, 1 Project Manager, 1 Account Director, and 3 Producers.

We have 578 photographers in 50 countries.

  • 69% live in the U.S., 31% live outside of the U.S.
  • 75% of our photographers are men, 25% are women or non-binary or male/female partnerships
  • 93% are of European heritage, 3% are of African heritage, 4% are of Asian heritage, less than 1% are of Indigenous heritage.
  • 38% of our photographers shoot video
  • 62% of our member photographers have been with us for over 2 years.

We promote our photographers to 32,293 people who work at…

  • 2,754 publications
  • 4,568 agencies
  • 13,749 brands
  • 78% of those people live in the U.S.
  • Each month, we add about 228 people and 896 companies
  • Each month, we update about 2,285 individual records and send emails to 441 people
  • Each month, we update about 1,786 company data records

Our website gets an average of 11,000 users each month, viewing 55,100 pages

  • 65% percent of our website traffic comes from within the US and 35% from outside the US
  • Our Find Photographer page gets an average of 5,900 searches a month

We have accounts on all the major social media platforms

  • 7,580 Facebook followers
  • 18,159 Instagram followers
  • 6,719 Twitter followers
  • 4,258 LinkedIn followers
  • 1,643 Pinterest followers with 167,800 monthly views
  • 1,643 YouTube subscribers