Photo Editing

A good edit shows clients what kinds of assignments you’re interested in — and capable of — and it gives them the confidence to hire you.



A website is the single best tool photographers can use to communicate their interests and skills. Our Web Assessment provides you with an overview of everything your website should be doing and advice on how you can improve your presentation. Starting with a questionnaire to understand the current state of your photography business and your future goals, our consultant will review your website and deliver step-by-step feedback for you to update your presentation.



Our photo editors can create an online portfolio edit that best represents you and your brand. After reviewing your existing website, one of our photo editors will have a conversation with you to reconcile your skills and interests with the opportunities in the marketplace. From there, they will evaluate 500-800 of your images, narrowing them down to the ones that will portray you in the best possible light. They’ll choose appropriate categories, select pictures for each category, and sequence them. Two rounds of revisions are included.



If you’re like most photographers, you may have a tendency to add new content to your website without really thinking about how it fits in to your overall presentation. If you’re feeling like your website lacks a clear message about who you are, what you do, and who you do it for, our photo editors can help. A Website Tune-Up is a way to categorize and sequence the existing images on your website, in a way that will resonate with your target audience. Includes a meeting to review of your site and your questionnaire, an initial edit and a round of revisions.


We can edit your print portfolio in a way that will resonate with clients that are appropriate for you. After reviewing your website and existing print portfolio, one of our photo editors will have a conversation with you to reconcile your skills and interests with the opportunities of the marketplace. Additionally, we will make recommendations on paper, bindings, and other production elements. Then, we will evaluate 300-500 of your images, narrowing them down to the ones that best represent your brand. We’ll then develop appropriate layout, design, sizing, and sequence. Two rounds of revisions are included in a print portfolio edit. Print portfolio production is also available. Please contact us to request a quote.



In the digital age, PDF portfolios are becoming all the more valuable. We can help select and sequence your strongest images for your dream clients in a strategic way and give you a product that you’ll be proud to share. After discussing the types of clients you’re looking to market yourself to, we’ll evaluate approximately 300 of your photos and come up with a concise collection of those that form the strongest and best representation of you. This short, easily clicked-through portfolio showcases all of your best images and makes it simple for creatives to quickly see if you’re the right photographer for a project. We can also get our designers in on the project and have them add your branding to the PDF, making it a complete, polished product.



There may be times when you have a project that you’d like to present to a client or you just have a new section of your website that you’d like to have edited. We can do that! Send us up to 300 images.



Whether you are using a tablet for your primary presentation or supplementing a print portfolio, an iPad edit requires a different approach than a book or website. We’ll create an edit, and recommend appropriate software. We can also help you find or build a case — even implement the edit on your device.



Making images has never been a problem for you. But perhaps you need help channeling those efforts in the right direction so they line up with your career goals. Our photo editors will have a preliminary conversation with you to reconcile your interests, skills, and opportunities in the marketplace. We’ll help you select self-assigned projects that will resonate with your target audience. We’ll work with you on an ongoing basis to inform and encourage that process, then offer editing advice to help make it a cohesive part of your portfolio.


Our experienced consultants will guide you through the process of registering your work with the U.S. Copyright office.



We offer digital photographic retouching services for photographers as needed on a per-project basis. Whether it’s refining a new project gallery for your site, prepping an image for editorial use, or creating clipping paths on a recent commercial still, our internal crew can help.


Even as other areas of our industry have declined, the demand for video continues to grow. Photographers who can deliver both still and video content can take advantage of this growth opportunity. To show off your motion skills as effectively as possible, you need a Video Reel that seamlessly stitches together the best of your projects into one 1-3 minute presentation. Our video editors can take your 30-60 minutes of raw footage or finished projects and expertly cut it down to a manageable size that shows off your skills and your style in the best possible light. We can also source music and create graphics to make the presentation complete. We’ll then deliver an mp4 file that you can upload to your website, along with the original Premiere Pro project file so you can make updates in the future.


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