Wonderful Machine is a marketing engine for commercial photographers.

Wonderful Machine leverages the power of 552 photographers, enabling us to research and connect with more clients than just about any other organization. We charge a flat monthly fee for a listing on our website and access to a wealth of articles and industry data. For an additional fee, we can help out with photo editing, design, publicity, marketing, search engine optimization, estimating, and shoot production (we provide consulting services to all photographers, not just members). This structure allows photographers to scale our support up or down according to their needs at any given moment, and it allows us to promote our members who have agents without any conflict of interest. By optimizing the number of photographers, their locations and specialties, and by insisting on a high standard of quality, we’ve created a uniquely valuable resource for clients. Keeping our focus on the needs of those clients allows us to deliver superior results for our photographers.

Membership means more than just a directory listing.

Find Photographers
Our photographer search helps clients find photographers by location and/or specialty, and our photographers can update their Travel Plans in our unique calendar feature that automatically updates our search results.

Find Clients
Enjoy access to a searchable database of over 17,000 publications, agencies, and brands – listed by location, specialty, type, and industry.

Find Crew
Take advantage of our global database of assistants, stylists, location scouts, studios, equipment rental, retouchers and more.

Find Agents
We frequently help photographers through the process of finding an agent who’s a good fit for them. Browse through our list of over 2000 reps, which are sorted by location and type.

Several times each week, we share blog posts profiling our member photographers and their projects.

We promote our photographers’ unpublished photographic projects to clients who are looking for content they can license.

Our staff members write helpful articles about all aspects of the photography business.

Find Stock
We frequently receive stock requests from clients, which we pass along to our photographers.

Social Media
We share news about our photographers and engage with clients on all the major social media platforms.

Every other week, we send out an email campaign promoting our photographers to our extensive client list.

Client Outreach
Every day, our producers, analysts, and marketing consultants update, email, and talk to prospects at important publications, agencies and brands – to learn more about their needs and to tell them about our photographers.

Web Ads
We experiment with Google Ads, we occasionally sponsor organizations and events, and we have listings on a variety of industry directories.

Travel Plans
Our location search is the most advanced in the industry, enabling our members to update their travel plans into the future so they show up in the right place in searches.

Consulting Services
Our experienced staff provides a wide range of services for commercial photographers and our members get a 20% discount off of our regular rates (excluding data and shoot production).

Wonderful Machine’s high Domain Authority and low Spam Score help us attract a wide range of visitors looking for commercial and editorial photographers. Our members have found that a link from Wonderful Machine in turn helps their SEO.

Find Resources
Our staff has gathered an extensive list of all kinds of industry resources over the years, from IP attorneys and IT professionals to insurance and imaging.

Our publicists connect with all sorts of organizations in our industry who help us raise awareness for our company and our photographers.

Read about some of the recent assignments and stock sales we’ve facilitated for our photographers.

Applying is as simple as sending an email with your exact address and a link to your website. The quality of your photographs and website, and the uniqueness of your specialties and location are our primary concerns. Not every photographer is going to be a good fit for us at any given moment, but we do carefully consider each applicant and we do our best to provide meaningful feedback to everyone who applies.

Would you like to apply to be a Wonderful Machine Photographer?