Our consultants will work closely with you to help you better adapt to evolving trends in technology.


Where is your web traffic coming from? What parts of your site are clients looking at? How long are they staying, what’s your bounce rate, and why is that important? Our SEO experts will set you up with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to gather that information so you can start to interpret it and take action based on it.



Maybe it’s been a while since you reviewed the state of your website’s Search Engine Optimization, and you’re wondering if you might be missing out on organic traffic. As Google’s search algorithm evolves over time, our SEO experts keep up with the latest developments, so they can help you rank for searches that are most important to you. With our SEO Audit, our consultant will perform an in-depth analysis of your website and prepare a report detailing all the things you’re doing right and all the ways you could improve. You’ll meet up over a video call to review those recommendations and to answer any questions you may have. You can then make those changes yourself or we can provide our SEO Implementation for an additional fee.



Our Search Engine Optimization experts keep up with the latest changes to Google’s search algorithm so they can help you rank for searches that are most important to you. Once we’ve determined your SEO objectives, our consultants will level up your website, including keyword research, updating H1 tags, meta titles, alt text, and they’ll suggest web design improvements to ensure that you’re making the most of Google’s algorithm. They’ll review all their updates with you so you can continue to add new content to your site in a way that conforms to those standards. They’ll also set you up with GA4 if you haven’t already.



Keeping up with the constantly changing landscape of SEO can seem daunting. Our experts can update your website’s SEO each quarter to ensure that you’re ranking as high as possible for searches that are most important to you. They’ll then meet with you to review the updates they made, they’ll review the past performance of your website, and they’ll discuss strategies to stay on top of search results into the future.


Keeping track of your professional network is vital to your success. In it’s most basic form, a Customer Relationship Management software application will help you store and find contact information and it will allow you to maintain notes about your history with each of your contacts. Most also come with a calendar, and also allow you to create invoices, or track tasks. Our Technologists can help set you up with Daylite (which is the CRM we use), but Hubspot offers a free CRM that will meet the needs of most photographers. We can help you get set up on either of those platforms or any other platform you choose.


Synchronization is the name of the game. We prefer iCal, but whatever your calendar of choice, we will work with you to integrate all aspects of your business, from shoots to marketing to rest.


Let us help you sell your prints! We welcome the hustle involved with multiple streams of income for your work. You built a beautiful portfolio, so monetize it! We prefer Stripe’s features, but we will situate you with your store software of choice.


Do you have three heavy-duty drawers filled with unlabeled hard drives? Have you misplaced something in the cloud recently? Are your invoices stored properly? Our team can devise a strategy to organize your digital assets from top to bottom.


Are you finding yourself stuck or uninspired throughout your workday? Could your flow from pre-production to actualization to delivery use a facelift? Our team of professionals will aid you in strategizing and automating your workflow.


In today’s digital world, photographers often face security threats that can compromise their online accounts. Our Technologist will help you assess all of your vulnerabilities and they’ll make recommendations to help you mitigate those risks.


There are a number of tools and strategies our Technologists can help you implement to keep your website, social media platforms, bank accounts, and other online accounts secure.

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Password Organizers like Apple Keychain or Google Password Manager
  • http to https conversion
  • Education on online scams, phishing schemes, denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.


We learn the ins and outs of digital advertising so you don’t have to! Our team will provide you with a breakdown of different methods of advertising your website and using paid ads on social media to increase your brand awareness. You know that your images deserve a larger audience; let us build a low-risk and high-reward advertising campaign for you!


  • Hourly Consulting
  • Google Drive/Google Workspace Setup
  • Folder & File Naming Conventions
  • Digital Workflow