Browse through this collection of unpublished projects by our photographers. All of them are available for licensing. Click on any name to contact that photographer for more information.

Michael Piazza

Updated 22 September 2022
My rep was encouraging me to take some images for the Drinks section of my website and I thought it would be fun to work with some local distilleries, Bully Boy and Putnam, that I had photographed on a number of occasions. I’d done portraits and shots in the distillery and even some images of the organic grain Bully Boy grow on their parents farm outside of Boston. Farm-to-Bottle so to speak.

Chrissie Knudsen

Updated 12 September 2022
The focus of this project was to capture a meaningful place to me (Scotland) as the backdrop of a favorite subject (whiskey). The backdrop is the Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye, where I hiked as a child and then again in college. I wanted to express the mercurial Scottish weather through slight variations in each image of light, color, and shadow, and also using motion with the whiskey.

Scott Areman

Updated 8 September 2022
During a recent trip to Savannah, I worked on a self-assigned project focusing on the culture and architecture of Georgia’s oldest city. I love traveling to places that interest me visually and exploring them with a camera. These images showcase my love of street and travel photography. Pictures that are authentic, full of life and offer a glimpse of my personal style and range of skills.

Josh Letchworth

Updated 7 September 2022
A collection of images from a Turkey hunt in Bull Creek, Florida

David Fonda

Updated 2 September 2022
I see my work as taking photography away from literal representation and towards a more emotional representation. By use of graphic composition, seen through the play of light over structure, and emphasized by the removal of the distraction of color and the accenture of tone and texture, I create representations of the built environment. Beauty is everywhere if you know how to see it.

Lauren Pusateri

Updated 31 August 2022
We’re a lot of fun. And when I say we, I’m talking about my amazing producer, stylists, retoucher, and production crew. All the images shown were created after March 13, 2020. By practicing AICP-recommended Covid Prevention Protocols and staying dedicated to our pod — we are safely continuing to produce awesome work.

Mark Elst

Updated 31 August 2022
I photographed the house (recently finished) for Knut Hjeltnes last summer (august) It’s a semi-detached house with t different families (who are friends) located in the northwestern suburbs of Oslo on a very limited plot. The outer fully insulated walls of the house are only 10cm deep, constructed with sheet steel, VIP-insulation and aerogel glass panels.

Ronnie Orlando

Updated 26 August 2022
Airbnb Bee’s Experience – Ravello, Italy

Katelin Kinney

Updated 25 August 2022
Meltdown is a personal project that combines still life product, model beauty photography, and conceptual retouching. I was inspired by the intense Arizona heat and the creative problem solving behind figuring out how to make a product appear that it’s melting without using any cgi.

David Ellis

Updated 25 August 2022
These pictures are from a personal project I photographed on a ranch near Medora, North Dakota. The purpose was to show a day in the life of a ranch community and what is involved in raising cattle.