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Joe Quint

Updated 10 May 2021
MARRIED AT CITY HALL. The NYC Marriage Bureau represents love, diversity, and an energy found in a few other places. This project – photographed and filmed over the course of two years – is the result of quickly establishing trust with strangers so that I can share with them one of the most significant moments of their lives.

Frank Rogozienski

Updated 10 May 2021
Who’s Your Farmer is an ongoing series exploring the sustainable food movement and the people committed to changing the way food is grown, raised, harvested and distributed. The project shines a spotlight on the ranchers, farmers, entrepreneurs and visionaries working toward a more sustainable and socially equitable food system.

Ian Curcio

Updated 26 April 2021
Time spent testing with students from the South Carolina Governors School for the Arts and Humanities’ drama department.

Bradley Secker

Updated 20 April 2021
FEVER – a conceptual take on the COVID-19 pandemic, shot with a thermal camera and screen shots from the Turkish Ministry of Health contact tracing app. Bringing the invisible threat to life, and highlighting how the threat and anxiety of the virus has changed the way we interact with each other, and our surroundings.

Ben Brewer

Updated 15 April 2021
Ernie St. Germaine, 73, is the last surviving “founder” of the American Birkebeiner cross-country ski race in 1973. He remains the only skier to have successfully completed the 50K race every year since its founding. Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, he was determined to complete his 47th “Birkie” in 2021 if albeit physically-distanced from other skiers and his daughter as support crew.

Stacy Howell

Updated 12 April 2021
In the kitchen is an ongoing project photographing beloved kitchen items that have been passed down or collection of vintage kitchen utensils. I try and get their favorite item with the recipe that makes it special.

Emanuele Camerini

Updated 8 April 2021
The project “Dream” tells about Chinese teenagers living in the so-called Macrolotto Zero (Prato, Tuscany, Italy), the largest Chinese community in Europe. Shifting between dreams, expectations and desires, these young Chinese teens live their lives in constant transformation, so typical of the adolescence.

Bénédicte Brocard

Updated 7 April 2021
From my point of view, with or without vaccine, we will at least make progress on one point ; the awareness of the importance we must place on relationship quality and the resulting happiness. These thoughts and images are inspired by a selection of photographs taken during the summer of 2020.

Ian Tuttle

Updated 5 April 2021
Quinton and Caleb are two trainers I met on separate commercial shoots. We all three got together to shoot these fitness-in-the-time-of-covid images. (Mask-off shots were taken from safe social distance.) This is a set of ten images from a group of roughly 30 selects. Making some gains!

Kody Kohlman

Updated 27 March 2021
Mission Mountain follows 1st generation rancher Amy O’Hoyt as she traverses being a woman in a male-dominated industry, learning what it means to be in a business where your product is alive, and why investing in sustainable practices in a circular economy is important for a strong future.

Tobin Jones

Updated 22 March 2021
My latest series is a collection of typologies of everyday objects I’ve come across while photographing in Kenya. One of the things that has impressed me most about Kenya is the resourcefulness and creativity people use to either make or fix objects we in the West would just buy – whether it be sandals, soccer balls, irons, toy cars, motorcycle helmets, or butcher’s knives.

Stephen Matera

Updated 19 March 2021
Stephen is an outdoor lifestyle and mountain sports photographer based in Seattle. As an outdoor photographer, he is able to continue shooting most projects through the pandemic with smaller crew sizes. He has continued working for most of his clients on a variety of video and still projects. Feel free to contacted about shooting needs in the Pacific Northwest and Western U.S.

Lucas Saugen

Updated 17 March 2021
I had my old FujiFilm X-Pro 1 converted to an infrared camera. The conversion gives an old Kodak Aerochrome look to the images.

Jeff Dojillo

Updated 17 March 2021
I documented the strength and conditioning session of Atom Weight Kickboxing Champion Janet Todd. It was an amazing experience to witness a high caliber athlete train her body for competition. Shot at location in the South Bay of Los Angeles.

Francis Hills

Updated 15 March 2021
In 2019 I had started a project photographing actors standing in the wings just before they went on stage. Everything came to an abrupt halt with Covid. With Broadway dark I decided to photograph all 41 of the locked Broadway theatres during the pandemic.

Richard Darbonne

Updated 11 March 2021
Over the past year, a large part of my free time was spent in nature camping and hiking with my wife and daughter. This project documents these moments and explores the magic and wonder of childhood.

Carsten Behler

Updated 10 March 2021
BLACK FOREST Not a journey into the Heart of Darkness, but the deep Black Forest, Germany

Dalton Johnson

Updated 9 March 2021
The Artisans — An environment portrait project focused on the skilled hands of three artisans working their crafts; Ashley Lloyd a surfboard shaper, Casey Chandler a furniture builder, and Teddy Danielson a personal chef.

Michael Marquand

Updated 9 March 2021
Southern Bhutan- In recent years I’ve been given the opportunity to travel to the most remote areas of Southern Bhutan to document the people and the culture in areas that see almost no tourism and have maintained their ancient traditions. Michael is a freelance photographer from Based in NYC with a body of work that includes a strong focus on travel, people, interiors culture and food.

Nick St. Oegger

Updated 8 March 2021
“The Lament of the Mountains” documents some of Europe’s last nomadic shepherds in northern Albania, where increasing development of hydropower dams on the region’s rivers is threatening to alter the environment and culture of the people who have called the mountains home for centuries.

Jamie Kelter Davis

Updated 8 March 2021
Protestors, led by a group of passionate young Chicagoans, gathered just a block away from Mayor Lightfoot’s home in Logan Square on March 4, 2021. The group #stopgeneraliron have been participating in a month long hunger strike in solidarity with the community to halt the remaining permits from being issued to a toxic iron plant which is trying to relocate to the cities south side.

Bob Rives

Updated 4 March 2021
This series of images is from a long term project exploring the cultural and geographic interconnectedness of people and landscapes along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Updated 3 March 2021
The Pacific Northwest – lush and green – surrounded by water, where the youth runs free among the evergreens and the lull of adventure awakens the explorer in everyone.

Jami Clayman

Updated 3 March 2021
“Each of us has the power to impact those around us – choose to be unstoppable for everyone watching.” Jasmine’s internal compass to be better for others inspired this photo and video series captured on the sun drenched trails in North Texas.

Christie Goodwin

Updated 3 March 2021
I’m located in London, UK. Part of my business derives from the entertainment industry which has been put on hold for now but I also provide creative conceptual images for book publishers, advertising and design agencies. I have a home studio and quite a collection of props on hand to create imaginary illusions on demand. Whatever the subject, whatever the purpose I will get the shot.