Browse through this collection of unpublished projects by our photographers. All of them are available for licensing. Click on any name to contact that photographer for more information.

Madelynne Ross (Bites and Bevs)

Updated 17 January 2022
Splash and Levitation. Two of my favorite things to shoot. I love to display how these two themes can be achieved yes, easily with beverages but also with food. It takes a lot of work and compositing but the one photo is always worth it!

John Cizmas

Updated 13 January 2022
Like many others, the past couple years have given me a chance to connect with my personal space in a more intimate way. The extra time around my garden made me appreciate the beauty I often overlooked. Making these images offered me an opportunity to be more mindful of the life around me.

Kat Schleicher

Updated 12 January 2022
I am freelance photographer based in Milwaukee. Although, I have always incorporated my children in my daily artistic practice, since the Covid-19 pandemic I have dedicated more time capturing their experience during this historic time.

Lou Bopp

Updated 4 January 2022
I’ve worked for large pet brands to small non-profit rescues, to the Humane Society to NGO’s such as The World Animal Protection, in dozens of countries. “I’ve seen a long in dogs’ eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts.” – John Steinbeck

Philippe Nguyen

Updated 2 January 2022
Project Title : Disconnecting fashion The project is linked to the evolution of time, Fashion. Novelty, originality, even breaking the laws of fashion in order To push boundaries, this project is about Breaking traditions, breaking norms. Fashion has evolved as a mean of self expression & a form on identity in todays culture, and we wanted to share our love for it with the world.

Steve Boyle

Updated 23 December 2021
Inspired by Florence Griffith Joyner, aka Flo-Jo, this test shoot with a female fitness model & bodybuilder, is released and available for licensing.

Peter Valli (PCV Photographic Services)

Updated 6 December 2021
This is a cool house in Silver Lake I shot for designer Andrea Andre. Featuring layers of patterns cleverly woven together. The side story is; I ended up shooting it remotely after testing positive for COVID between the walkthrough and the shoot day. Fortunately I have a killer crew…and Zoom. All in all I love the images and it’s one of the most memorable & satisfying shoots of my career.

Irene Peña

Updated 1 December 2021
Fine art project image series shot in Costa Rica, over the last three years, in collaboration with Peruvian fashion and jewelry designer Angela Hurtado Pimentel.We created images of paper flowers with both digital and analog cameras.Most of the images are multiple exposures that reflect through each layer, the vibrant colors, complex details and textural elements of the flowers.

Markus Altmann

Updated 23 November 2021
Mojave, a small town north of Los Angeles, tucked away in a corner of the same named desert, and its “Air and Space Port”. You wouldn’t think at first glance, but this is the birthplace of some of the most ambitious privately built air- and spacecraft, like SpaceShipOne and Stratolaunch, and it also is the home of aircraft design legend Burt Rutan.

Jimmy Galt

Updated 22 November 2021
Turtle eggs are a delicacy in rural Nicaragua. Specifically, a fresh cracked yolk mixed with orange juice is one of the most coveted beverages a villager can find. Every night during egg laying season, treasure hunters scour the beach for signs of turtle nests. Water & Light Int. works to reverse this pattern by rescuing nests of Olive Ridleys and educating the next generation of Nicaraguans.

Duncan Elliott

Updated 22 November 2021
Capturing imagery from a year of hop production.

Jaime Borschuk

Updated 17 November 2021
From my Women at Home series.

James Jackman

Updated 1 November 2021
Towards the end of September, I photographed a vendange (grape harvest) in Bourgogne with the crew of Le domaine d’Edouard. This was a tough season for vineyards across France. As such, I was invited by Edouard Lepesme to photograph two days of harvest.

Patrick Heagney

Updated 29 October 2021
This series is inspired by the philosophical idea of Constructivism. Constructivism is a branch of philosophy which states that all knowledge and meaning is “constructed” in the sense that it arises from human perception and social experience. The only reality we can know is that which is represented by human thought – specifically our own thoughts. Each of us actively creates our own reality b

Anita Pouchard Serra

Updated 27 October 2021
SANGRE LATINA These photos are the beginning of an intimate and profound story of the life of Ludmila Pagliero, “Etoile” dancer of the Paris Opera Ballet, known for her lack of openness to dancers trained outside her school. In 2012, Lyudmila became the first Argentinean and Latin American to achieve the supreme title. A life story made of dreams, surpassing and passion that goes beyond Ludmila

Sheldon Sabbatini

Updated 22 October 2021
Portrait explorations in the studio! Based in Portland, Ore. I have a Full-Service Commercial Studio with camera/lighting/Production/Remote Art Direction capabilities. I specialize in dynamic portrait and action images for sport, lifestyle, fashion and industrial clients worldwide.

Sean Scheidt

Updated 19 October 2021
Time Spent: An ongoing series documenting the relationship between the photographer and his grandparents. Told through intimate portraits, documentary and conceptual images.

Christian Tisdale

Updated 6 October 2021
Makers is a project I shot over the course of the last year. It’s a photo series that examines the worlds that different makers in the Vancouver have created in their workshops. See the whole project at:

Morgan Ione

Updated 30 September 2021
Stills from a spec video featuring Teramana Tequila. For full videos visit: and:

Doug Gritzmacher (GritzArts)

Updated 17 September 2021
My dad spent a lot of time on a farm in Wisconsin growing up and seemed to try to turn every yard of our suburban homes into one when I was a kid. I got put to work often, something I hated then but now enjoy. So when I moved to Salida, CO, this year I was thrilled to make friends with a family that owns a hay farm. They let me come out and soak it in during a recent bailing.

Matthew Rakola

Updated 15 September 2021
Calvert Cliffs, along the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, is a region known for its fossils. Among the most famous of these are the razor-sharp fossilized shark teeth, including those of the famous megalodon. Fossil hunters, who scour the coastline day and night, come from very different backgrounds, but share a common obsession with “the hunt”. This is an ongoing project.

Molly Strohl

Updated 31 August 2021
These are a selection of GIFs from my series “The Wiggle Room.” Images are shot on film with a special 3D camera, and from there I scan and layer the frames on top of each other to create the final wiggly GIF. I take this camera with me everywhere, and it has become one of my favorite ways to document daily musings.

Josh Letchworth

Updated 23 August 2021
A collection of images from a controlled burn in St. Augustine, FL

Simon Plant

Updated 20 August 2021
I’m a UK based commercial advertising photographer and filmmaker with 33 years experience creating imagery for clients worldwide. Life In A Somerset Landscape is project that captures the various people who live and work in the landscape here. The project has gained a fair amount of interest recently with an image being published each month in a local magazine and offers of a touring exhibition.

Chava Oropesa

Updated 10 August 2021
Hi! I’m CHAVA, an Oakland based Photographer and Creative Director. Growing up in Mexico City filled my life with colorful culture which has deeply influenced both my design style and photography. Browse my portfolio and you’ll see that I am not a stranger to pops of color and dramatic lighting.