Browse through this collection of unpublished projects by our photographers. All of them are available for licensing. Click on any name to contact that photographer for more information.

Olly Bowman

Updated 16 November 2022
A quick shoot from last winter in Chamonix, France with Johanna Stalnacke, a local Swedish Mountain Guide.

Kathy Plunkett

Updated 9 November 2022
Personal project showing a young man and child flying a kite together in the prairie. Photos include both late afternoon and golden hour images.

Geoff Cardin

Updated 7 November 2022
I started a new personal project called The Ground Glass Project this year. In a desire to capture the essence of people, and dig out a 100 year old 8×10 view camera, I have been photographing people from all walks of life. Visit to learn more.

Estefanía Steck del Río

Updated 2 November 2022
Glaciers in the age of melting. Documenting the rapid impact of climate change on glaciers around the world is a personal project that began in October 2022. The Explorers Glacier is the first glacier documented for this project and the one that retreated 5-7 cm per day.

Hillary Maybery

Updated 31 October 2022
Hello! Here’s a personal project I photographed recently. I started photographing rodeos a few years ago, and I suspect it will be my ongoing personal project, especially in the saddle bronc riding world. I focused on the texture and detail of the moment. Let me know if you are interested in featuring the images. ThankYOU 🙂 Hillary

Susan Seubert

Updated 25 October 2022
This is a collection of wild bird nests that have been photographed digitally, then printed onto silk tissue paper and mounted using encaustic medium on to clayboard. The resulting technique emphasizes the unique quality to each nest and at the same time, emphasizes the typology of the architecture of these amazing structures. You can see more at

Joe Pulcinella

Updated 21 October 2022
The Hagley Museum and Library is the home of the original Du Pont Black Powder Company. These images are from the machine shop which supported the company’s operations. Every machine was run by turbines fed by the neighboring Brandywine River which spun shafts along the ceiling to leather belts that powered each machine. I photographed this as an ongoing pro bono project to help Hagley.

Bryan Regan

Updated 12 October 2022
Welcome To Trumpland – A look at the people across the country that make up the far right Trump movement.

Michael Piazza

Updated 22 September 2022
My rep was encouraging me to take some images for the Drinks section of my website and I thought it would be fun to work with some local distilleries, Bully Boy and Putnam, that I had photographed on a number of occasions. I’d done portraits and shots in the distillery and even some images of the organic grain Bully Boy grow on their parents farm outside of Boston. Farm-to-Bottle so to speak.

Chrissie Knudsen

Updated 12 September 2022
The focus of this project was to capture a meaningful place to me (Scotland) as the backdrop of a favorite subject (whiskey). The backdrop is the Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye, where I hiked as a child and then again in college. I wanted to express the mercurial Scottish weather through slight variations in each image of light, color, and shadow, and also using motion with the whiskey.