Browse through this collection of unpublished projects by our photographers. All of them are available for licensing. Click on any name to contact that photographer for more information.

Tina Boyadjieva

Updated 20 September 2021
Personal project resonating with world nomads, who live on a crossroad between different, often contradicting cultures, geographies and identities. Through the use of unique styling, accessories and locations, it aims to capture the individual who collects experiences, visions and aesthetics from the world, while not loosing his/her connection to their ethnic roots.

Doug Gritzmacher (GritzArts)

Updated 17 September 2021
My dad spent a lot of time on a farm in Wisconsin growing up and seemed to try to turn every yard of our suburban homes into one when I was a kid. I got put to work often, something I hated then but now enjoy. So when I moved to Salida, CO, this year I was thrilled to make friends with a family that owns a hay farm. They let me come out and soak it in during a recent bailing.

Matthew Rakola

Updated 15 September 2021
Calvert Cliffs, along the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, is a region known for its fossils. Among the most famous of these are the razor-sharp fossilized shark teeth, including those of the famous megalodon. Fossil hunters, who scour the coastline day and night, come from very different backgrounds, but share a common obsession with “the hunt”. This is an ongoing project.

Molly Strohl

Updated 31 August 2021
These are a selection of GIFs from my series “The Wiggle Room.” Images are shot on film with a special 3D camera, and from there I scan and layer the frames on top of each other to create the final wiggly GIF. I take this camera with me everywhere, and it has become one of my favorite ways to document daily musings.

Josh Letchworth

Updated 23 August 2021
A collection of images from a controlled burn in St. Augustine, FL

Simon Plant

Updated 20 August 2021
I’m a UK based commercial advertising photographer and filmmaker with 33 years experience creating imagery for clients worldwide. Life In A Somerset Landscape is project that captures the various people who live and work in the landscape here. The project has gained a fair amount of interest recently with an image being published each month in a local magazine and offers of a touring exhibition.

Chava Oropesa

Updated 10 August 2021
Hi! I’m CHAVA, an Oakland based Photographer and Creative Director. Growing up in Mexico City filled my life with colorful culture which has deeply influenced both my design style and photography. Browse my portfolio and you’ll see that I am not a stranger to pops of color and dramatic lighting.

James Jackman

Updated 2 August 2021
I spent a rainy weekend in Normandy with Pierre Robine, harvesting wild oregano and tasting the delicious ciders that he produces. This oregano will make its way on to plates at select restaurants in Paris.

Justin Waack

Updated 31 July 2021
Expectations vs. Reality Series. An un-styled series of food and product work.

Aaron Ingrao

Updated 27 July 2021
“Birth to surf: the life of a Tim Bessell Surfboard” where I capture the creation of this “Barracuda Modern Rocket Fish” surfboard from a block of foam to surf. This project highlights one maker under my “Keepers of the Craft” series where I share their stories from material to product.

Julian Walter

Updated 22 July 2021
I spent a month in Hawaii exploring my abilities underwater. This included anything from freediving, to long distance swimming, to simply jumping off high objects. Part of that process of course is sharing with others and conveying it in images. Some of these moments focus on an environment, and some focus more on the emotion of the moment.

Rebecca Peloquin

Updated 18 July 2021
I’m Rebecca, a food, beverage & product photographer based out of Los Angeles. I shoot product and food, lifestyle and have been working on a personal project called “Dramatic Produce” where I let the uniqueness of the ingredients shine on their own…

Jason Elias

Updated 6 July 2021
From an ongoing project shooting on the farms of rural North Dakota.

Maria Clark

Updated 29 June 2021
Made friends with Nashville wedding cake artist Rachel Schut of RachCakes Nashville, and we collaborated to photograph her baking and decorating process. Enjoyed expanding my lifestyle, product, and food work with this project. Also, it was a great excuse to eat some amazing cake.

Ross Woodhall

Updated 21 June 2021
This is a personal project exploring sport, movement, motion and light in our studio in central Birmingham UK.

Nick St. Oegger

Updated 21 June 2021
During winter, Sarajevo often holds the distinction of being the most polluted city in the world, owing to a combination of factors including geography, wood/coal heating, ageing cars on the roads and heavy industry. This project examines the environmental and human impact of air pollution in Bosnia as the country struggles to move forward 25 years after its civil war.

Earl Richardson

Updated 12 June 2021
I’m located in Lawrence, KS. I do a lot of higher education marketing photography. I’ve recently added a drone to my tool kit, so I can offer clients a slightly different perspective. When I have time, I use the drone to explore the town where I live from a slightly different perspective. I am also FAA 107 certified so I can fly for commercial purposes.

Dave Moser

Updated 9 June 2021
Worked on this project to portray employees collaborating in a workplace for corporate lifestyle. We made use of co-working spaces and open, natural light to provide an authentic workplace environment.

Marco Garcia

Updated 25 May 2021
MASKED The corona virus changed the way we look at the world. We also need to look at ourselves.

Albert Law

Updated 24 May 2021
A few months ago, I collaborated with personal trainer Carrie Xu on a moody and dark athletic shoot inspired by her late night workouts. It’s been said that an overnight success is a decade in the making. The grit, effort, and quiet stillness before any sort of public recognition was what we set out to capture.

Joe Quint

Updated 10 May 2021
MARRIED AT CITY HALL. The NYC Marriage Bureau represents love, diversity, and an energy found in a few other places. This project – photographed and filmed over the course of two years – is the result of quickly establishing trust with strangers so that I can share with them one of the most significant moments of their lives.

Frank Rogozienski

Updated 10 May 2021
Who’s Your Farmer is an ongoing series exploring the sustainable food movement and the people committed to changing the way food is grown, raised, harvested and distributed. The project shines a spotlight on the ranchers, farmers, entrepreneurs and visionaries working toward a more sustainable and socially equitable food system.

Bradley Secker

Updated 20 April 2021
FEVER – a conceptual take on the COVID-19 pandemic, shot with a thermal camera and screen shots from the Turkish Ministry of Health contact tracing app. Bringing the invisible threat to life, and highlighting how the threat and anxiety of the virus has changed the way we interact with each other, and our surroundings.

Stacy Howell

Updated 12 April 2021
In the kitchen is an ongoing project photographing beloved kitchen items that have been passed down or collection of vintage kitchen utensils. I try and get their favorite item with the recipe that makes it special.

Bénédicte Brocard

Updated 7 April 2021
From my point of view, with or without vaccine, we will at least make progress on one point ; the awareness of the importance we must place on relationship quality and the resulting happiness. These thoughts and images are inspired by a selection of photographs taken during the summer of 2020.