Putting the Heart Back in the Craft: Lola Akinmade Akerstrom Launches Geotraveler Media Academy

Aug 12, 2020
Photographer Spotlight

With travel restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic impacting industries globally, Stockholm-based photographer Lola Akinmade Akerstrom pivoted to create an online learning platform, Geotraveler Media Academy.

From writing to photography, it's really about deep connection for me, and I love teaching others how they can tap into this vulnerability to become better visual storytellers.

Lola Akerstrom Geotraveler Media Academy landing page

Though most of her work is in photography and writing, Lola’s background extended into teaching before she created Geotraveler Media Academy. Lola has taught workshops and been a keynote speaker at events across the globe for the past decade.

I love teaching people how to photograph and create memorable portraits of complete strangers.

Lola Akerstrom Geotraveler Media Academy keynote speaker

Lola was often asked when she would create her own courses. Since she had downtime due to the travel restrictions from the pandemic, the Nigerian-born photographer was finally able to focus on Geotraveler Media Academy.

It is so easy to find technical steps and free resources by Googling, but people really want to know how their favorite creatives and photographers approach their work.

Lola Akerstrom Geotraveler Media Academy screenshot

For three months, Lola crafted high-quality content and promo videos for her academy. Then, on June 29, 2020, Geotraveler Media Academy officially launched.

The pandemic forced me to be still and this allowed me to finally do the deep work needed to launch my academy.

Lola Akerstrom Geotraveler Media Academy in Uzbekistan

Beyond teaching general photography skills, Lola strives to show her students how to put heart and emotion into their work. She believes that visual storytelling comes from a place of passion and intention, which in turn creates depth in a person’s photography.

It really comes down to listening and observing interactions around you as attentively as you can. The tagline of my academy is "putting the heart back into the craft."

Lola Akerstrom Geotraveler Media Academy in Uz also

Lola pairs her visual storytelling philosophies with tips, tricks, and processes for selling photographs to the likes of National Geographic Traveler and the BBC. Her academy even includes an “A to Z of Selling Your Photos” course.

So far, we have over 120 people registered at the academy itself. I am super ecstatic and can't wait to welcome more people on board who are ready to invest in selling their photography!

Lola Akerstrom Geotraveler Media Academy A to Z

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TEDxStockholm: Daniel Ahlberg
Intrepid Travel: Liam Neal

Geotraveler Media Academy features both paid and free courses on topics ranging from “How to become a better storyteller” to “A to Z of Pitching Publications”. Plus, if students are interested, they can select add-ons like a portfolio review or a one-hour session with an instructor.

Check out more of Lola's work at akinmade.com.

Check out Geotraveler Media Academy at academy.geotravelermedia.com.

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