A Photo Folio’s New iPad Feature

May 17, 2010
Industry News

I noticed that A Photo Folio, Rob Haggart’s website template service (you know, because A Photo Editor doesn’t take enough time to write, I’m sure), is now offering compatibility with the iPad. Not having the device currently at my disposal (though that should soon change — please?), I’ll have to take their word on it. It’s a nice feature to offer, however, instead of having to create a new website just for that purpose.

Tamar Levine just emailed me that her AphotoFolio site is up (see the image above or click here to view it on your iPad or elsewhere). It’s interesting to view the site through my “normal” computer, mostly because it’s so straightforward in presenting her photography. I posted recently about such matters, especially in an age of cluttered Flash design.

Bryan Regan, Ben Van Hook and Graeme Murray were also excited about the new A Photo Folio feature.

A few of  of our other photographers have designed their own iPad sites. It’s fun to see how sleek the images look in their sample images below (partially because a few of them are product photographers and did a nice job shooting the iPad itself).

The ever-tech-savvy Caesar Lima just released his iPad “multitouch enhanced website”:

Jeff Singer, one of our San Francisco photographers, came up with a simple portfolio solution using the iPad’s “Portfolio” app. The images seem nice and large, and the simplicity is somewhat addicting. He made a little video on his blog showing how easy it is:

And Floyd Dean emailed me about his new iPad site, as well:

This is only one month into the game, though Apple has already sold one million units. I’m fascinated to see where the iPad is going to take things in the next year, regardless of the media critiques about what it can and cannot yet do.

-Neil Binkley