Celebrating National Pet Day

Apr 11, 2018
Photographer Spotlight

It’s National Pet Day today! Pets are an important part of life for many people, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and species.

To celebrate this occasion, we’re featuring photos of many animals taken by our talented photographers. Some of these animals make great pets, and some might be… a little less suited for your home.

Dog on the street and in a chair by Neil Buchan Grant

Neil Buchan Grant // Winchester, UK

Dogs. The original best friend. Dress them up in sweaters, play fetch, and snuggle them after a long stressful day.

Pros: Wet nose, loyal.   Cons: Eats shoes.


Young girl hugging a cat by Lisa Godfrey

Lisa Godfrey // Norristown, PA

Cats also make great pets, according to some cat owners. They might seem standoffish and generally uninterested in humans - until dinner time.

Pros: Cute whiskers, don’t care what humans think.   Cons: Temperamental, scratchy.


Gray and white bunny rabbit by Shaina Fishman

Shaina Fishman // Brooklyn, NY

Bunnies have some of the cutest noses and ears in all of the animal kingdom.

Pros: Quiet, fluffy.   Cons: Always sneaking off with your carrots.


Baby sea turtle crossing the beach by Cristina Candel

Cristina Candel // Madrid, Spain

Turtles are easygoing pets, but keep fingers clear if dealing with the snapping variety.

Pros: Eats bugs and worms.   Cons: Feeding them bugs and worms.


Indian woman with rooster by Paul Nordmann

Paul Nordmann // St. Louis, MO

Chickens and roosters are common pets on farms and in households across the world.

Pros: Eggs for breakfast.   Cons: No snooze button.


Colorful bearded dragon lizard by Luke Copping

Luke Copping // Buffalo, NY

Bearded Dragons are cold-blooded, so make sure you warm them up with lots of love!

Pros: Cuter than you expect.   Cons: Still a scaly lizard. Not for people with texture issues.


Woman grooming a horse by Jim Henderson

Jim Henderson // Eden Prarie, MN

Horses are the classic gift that every child wants for their birthday, but parents can’t really afford on a modest income.

Pros: Get around in style.   Cons: Saddle sores.


Man in blue shirt petting a cow by Nathaniel Wilder

Nathaniel Wilder // Anchorage, AK

Cows are sophisticated pets. They have four stomachs and they’re big fans of music.

Pros: Will pre-chew your food.   Cons: Can’t go downstairs. Or fit through normal doorways.


Duck in the wild and in the arms of a man by Jennifer Silverberg

Jennifer Silverberg // St Louis, MO

Ducks, swans, and other waterfowl make for fun pets at bath time.

Pros: Completely waterproof, fearless defenders of their young.   Cons: Sharp beaks.


Herd of llamas on a hillside by Matt Dayka

Matt Dayka // Atascadero, CA

Llamas and alpacas are well-suited for pet owners in high altitudes.

Pros: Fuzzy, good movers.   Cons: Perpetually sassy, accurate spit.


Lobster being held by chef by Julia Vandenoever

Julia Vandenoever // Boulder, CO

Lobsters weren’t going to make the cut until our publicist Sankha told me that he used to keep lobsters in a tank as pets. So it’s a thing.

Pros: Delicious.   Cons: Large claws, probably not suitable for young children.


Lion and tiger portraits by Morten Koldby

Morten Koldby // Aarhus, Denmark

Lions and tigers (in my house? Oh my!) are generally not recommended as pets. It’s probably safer to just visit them at the zoo.

Pros: Just like cats, except bigger.   Cons: …and hungrier.


Be sure to show some love to those pets today!  And remember: when you go out to find your next animal companion, make sure you choose wisely!

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