David Papazian Shoots in Carmel for AMG Parade

May 15, 2020
Photographer Spotlight

In the quaint California beach town Carmel-by-the-Sea, David Papazian shot a restored cottage for AMG Parade’s last issue. The cottage was built in the 1940’s by famous architect Julia Morgan, but it recently underwent renovations on the 1960’s bedroom add-on.

I found the house through an architect. We took some scouting images of the house in Carmel and pitched the magazine because of the beauty of Carmel and the location. I did the shoot without an assistant and without a stylist. Got the props myself, the homeowner was a big help with that. That was a tricky situation, to put all that together.

David Papazian AMG Parade cover tear

Over a two-day period, David worked with the architect who did the remodeling, Erik Dyar, and the homeowners to ensure the shoot went smoothly. The photographer wanted to be sure to capture the house’s uniqueness and its scenic views, without complicating or disrupting the homeowners’ lives.

The homeowners were super to work with. Erik Dyar was very supportive just making sure we got everything logistically. We were all on the same page, everything was running smoothly. There’s already a lot of moving parts with a photoshoot, so the last thing you want to do is make things more complicated.

David Papazian AMG Parade tear two

Primarily, David wanted to capture the cross between the cottage’s original Julia Morgan character and the updates from Erik Dyar’s remodeling. In one of his favorite photos from the shoot, David shows the cross between old and new in the living room. The antique style furniture coupled with the plasma screen TV gives the audience a sense of the renovation’s modern touches while staying true to the original spirit of the cottage.

There’s so much history in that Carmel area. Everything from the feel of the air to the quality of light coming through the valley. There’s so much character to the house, inside and outside.


Architect: Erik Dyar

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