Doug Levy // Cengage Unlimited

Jul 30, 2018
Tear Sheets

Boston, Massachusetts-based photographer Doug Levy recently completed an assignment for Cengage Unlimited, a digital learning subscription company. These final images ended up appearing in The New York Times.

Tear sheet for Cengage Unlimited photographed by Doug Levy

We shot at Regis College the week after commencement, so the campus was relatively empty, which was a bonus, plus the school was able to get us power and an empty classroom to stage wardrobe, catering and makeup in. It was really a team effort on all fronts, which while always important, takes on additional significance when you have a shortened production schedule. In this case, the timing was inflexible as the images needed to run in a special New York Times higher education section that already had a set date. 

Tear sheet for Cengage Unlimited photographed by Doug Levy


Client: Cengage Unlimited
Agency: Amp Agency
First Assistant: Stephen Grigoriou
Second Assistant: Sid Ceasar
Wardrobe: Tina Patsiokostas
Hair & Makeup: Maryelle Artistry

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