Scanderbeg Sauer: Iconic Geography

Mar 11, 2015
Photographer Spotlight

For the past ten years, the photography duo Scanderbeg Sauer (Andreana Scanderbeg and Alexander Sauer) has been traveling the world producing a body of work that makes up the solo exhibition called Iconic Geography: Works 2005 – 2015.

The exhibition is in its tenth year (taking place in Rome until May 5 of this year) and includes commissioned work that presents the attractive side of industries and their products, as well as personal projects highlighting the darker side of the global economy. It includes photos from the Mojave Desert, to Switzerland, to Dubai, Korea, Hamburg, Hong Kong and the UK.

DOMUS magazine recently featured the exhibition, saying “the photographer duo Scanderbeg Sauer documents stranded attempts to tame and control technology. They have explored places at the edge of civilization where mankind capitulates and gives up.”

The below photo is from their personal project “decommissioned,” for which they took to the silence of the Mojave Desert to document iconic planes that are stored in the desert.

And below are photos from Busan, Korea (left) and Chavalon, Switzerland (right) demonstrating abandoned work spaces.

The incredible amount of locations that the duo has spanned over the past ten years is what makes the photos truly impactful.

“We always say, besides photography it takes also listening and speaking skills to open hearts and doors,” said Andreana of gaining access worldwide. “We love difficult, challenging working conditions, and find it stimulating to harmonize views in a proactive and solution-oriented approach. It’s an essential part of a qualitative and creative way of working, which aims to create a win-win situation.”

Read more about the exhibition here, and for more of Scanderbeg Sauer’s work, check out the website.

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