Spielberg, Harrison Ford and a Time magazine cover keeping Robert Gallagher busy

Sep 2, 2008
Photographer Spotlight

Los Angeles-based photographer Robert Gallagher has been keeping busy with a variety of projects:

He recently shot Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford and the other key people responsible for the Indiana Jones movies, for Empire magazine (UK). Steven was so impressed by Robert’s team and their technical improvisation that when the light changed suddenly, he remarked “you guys should all be making movies. I like the way you work. Low tech, low fuss, fast and effective!”. Paramount Pictures liked the images so much that they licensed them to promote the movie.

Robert photographed Harrison Ford in his private aircraft hanger, “home to an impressively cool fleet of planes. What else are you going to collect if you are both Indiana Jones and Han Solo?”, quips Gallagher.

Robert also just shot the Time magazine cover story about the religious leader Rick Warren. The photographer said that “for the cover shot, we set up a location studio area literally right outside the bathrooms of the church. It was the only area where we could reasonably black out the blaring sunlight, and shoot in a controlled lighting studio situation.” He said it was another “addition to the book i keep thinking about – ‘the five minute portrait’, ” due to the short window of time that he had to shoot Mr. Warren.

I know a lot of photographers with that story!

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