Would you like to work at Wonderful Machine?

Wonderful Machine is a production agency with a network of 600 photographers in 49 countries and 60 staff members in 8 countries. We connect our photographers with prospective clients who work at publications, agencies, and brands. We also provide a variety of consulting services for photographers and we produce photo and video shoots.

While our senior staff members concentrate on consulting and production, our junior staff members work on raising awareness for our company and for our photographers through data management and content marketing.

  • Data Management entails updating our database of nearly 100,000 clients, photographers, crew, agents, and resources, corresponding with those people, and inviting them to capabilities calls.
  • Content Marketing means writing, editing, and sharing articles and other content to broadcast our message to reach people we might not even know about. We post content on our blog, we send it out in email campaigns, and we share it on social media.

We hire people at all stages of their careers, but we make a special effort to provide opportunities for university students and people who have recently graduated from college. Everyone who joins our company starts in a data management role. Then, depending on their interests, skills, and experience, we rotate them through various roles so they can grow as quickly as possible. Some roles may last just a few weeks and others several months. Everyone in our company has an opportunity to increase their skills, their responsibilities, and their compensation.

We have a training process where new people are paired up with experienced staff members who train them on every aspect of their job. They also have an opportunity to meet with other people in their department to ask questions as well attend capabilities calls with customers. Once a new staff member understands the basics of data management for all of our customer types, they may have an opportunity to work in our Publicity department where they’ll learn about content marketing.

Though our staff members speak lots of different languages, English is the language that we all share in common. So English proficiency is the single most important qualification for our international staff members.

If you’d like to apply for a job at Wonderful Machine, email Francisco Lucas. Send him your LinkedIn profile with a brief description of what you’re currently doing and what your career goals are. He’ll let you know if we have an opening that might be a good fit for you. If so, he’ll invite you to a video call where he’ll explain more about the job and our company and answer any questions you may have.