Portfolio Events: September 2017

Oct 4, 2017
Portfolio Events

We decided to change our focus for meetings for the month of September and switched our efforts to the Philadelphia area. Still feeling the summer hangover, agencies were reluctant to take meetings as employees were out on vacation and continued to soak up their remaining summer hours, but it feels like we may be finally turning the corner. We met with the creative agency Aloysius Butler & Clark (AB+C Creative Intelligence) and John Milner Architects to relay all of the ways that Wonderful Machine can fulfill their photography needs.

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AB+C Creative Intelligence has an office in Philadelphia and another one just down the road in Wilmington, Delaware. Steve Merino, from the Philadelphia office, put me in touch with Creative Director, Julie Schmidt down in Wilmington who was happy to look over some portfolios and chat about potential collaborations between Wonderful Machine and AB+C. Armed with a lengthy list of healthcare clients, Julie admittedly shared her indifferent feelings towards healthcare photography. Excited to spark interest and a different outlook on the often sterile specialty, we shared Greg Miller’s and Terry Vine’s portfolios with Julie whom both shoot fantastic Lifestyle and Healthcare images. Upholding to her usual standards of a unique perspective and fresh look to the Healthcare industry, Julie was quite impressed with both portfolios.

In addition to still photography, AB+C works on plenty of motion projects, which Julie was sure to address during our meeting. To that point, we took it upon ourselves to show and share with Julie an array of examples amongst our one-hundred-fifty videographers whom Wonderful Machine supports via different sections of our website. For clients who want to explore examples of motion assignments, we like to curate a well-thought-out YouTube playlist where we display a variety of reels to loop through at our portfolio events. I shared Ryan Smith’s Meritus Health Hometown Advantage video (view below) with Julie, which so happened to be right along the lines of what Julie was looking for. 

After AB+C I crossed back over the Pennsylvania border and stopped in Chadds Ford to meet with Justin Detwiler of John Milner Architects. Justin and the team at John Milner Architects work on a variety of different projects including restoring old and historic buildings. They have contracts with notorious National Parks and have done work on a number of the buildings within the National Park network. Justin mentioned how overwhelming it can be to organize photo shoots for finished project amongst the different locations around the country all while trying to operate the company at large. Luckily for Justin, Wonderful Machine’s network of photographers and in-house producers are exactly what’s needed to lighten his load. With a number of projects wrapping-up before the winter in New England, Justin was eager and quickly drawn to the likings of Bruce T. Martin’s and Ryan Maheu’s portfolios, whom he could see displaying the finished projects in their truest forms.

September allowed us time to sit down with an architecture firm that needs coverage all over the country and a creative agency that is in need of videographers, photographers and sometimes someone who can do both. Wonderful Machine is always doing its best to get its photographer’s work in-front of hiring clients, and the first month of fall was no exception! October is looking as bright as the Fall leaves as we have three meetings in the books already lined up.

You can reach me here for more information about portfolio events, and to answer any further questions you may have. Cheers! 

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