F8 Magazine

Oct 28, 2010
Wonderful Machine News

cover of f8

Wonderful Machine has been featured in the newly launched online magazine F8, with UAE-based WM photographer Rich-Joseph Facun‘s work on the cover. The editor, Miguel Moya, reached out to us with interest in the way we do things.

“The idea of creating F8 Magazine was born out of my curiosity,” Miguel told me. “I love photography, especially documentary photography and photojournalism, and I always wanted to know the point of view of other photographers, in addition to their work and how they perform.” However, it wasn’t enough to just stick to the people he knew, envisioning a far wider scope: “I wanted to break all cultural barriers, and would not restrict myself to a single country or continent.”

This made the choice of medium clear. “Today,” Miguel points out, “thanks to the Internet, the world fits on a screen.” It was easier than he thought to have productive exchanges with photographers “separated from me from not only thousands of miles, but also cultures and languages.”

In order to develop a greater knowledge of the way photographers think—difficult to do as an individual, he pointed out—Miguel decided to start a magazine that would bring together the best photographers he could find, while also bringing to their attention companies that could help them in their work. “As a professional photographer, I am also interested in the services provided by different companies through the internet, so I decided to incorporate features in my magazine about them,” he explained. “I think it’s a good way for photographers to be informed of interesting services.”

interior of f8

Take a look at the issue, which you can download online. Above is a spread using the photos of France-based WM photographer Charles Pertwee. There’s an article about us, as well as an ad. We’re glad to be part of Miguel’s project!