Design: Triangulating Brandon Flint

Jun 27, 2013
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by Amanda Friend

Rectangles: you can’t seem to escape them in photography promos. Granted, it comes with the medium, but haven’t you ever felt trapped by their, well, boxy-ness? Secretly, I’ve been waiting for the moment when I could bring some dynamic shapes into the mix for the appropriate photographer. Enter one Salt Lake City-based Brandon Flint.


Brandon came to us looking for a new print promo. He had a previous card layout but, while pleased with the design, felt the photo selection didn’t represent his work as a whole.

I felt a design conundrum. If Brandon was fine with everything but the photo selection, how could I help improve it? As we talked more, I saw the bigger picture. Brandon didn’t just want new photo selects—he wanted a card he would be excited to mail and hand to clients. I saw this as an opportunity. We agreed to go through the entire design process, and I told Brandon I would create an updated version of his own layout, while also including some ideas of my own.

Looking at his work, I felt there was some real energy in Brandon’s outdoor and active lifestyle shots. Instead of only working with rectangles, I incorporated some triangle shapes into the design. This allowed the energy in Brandon’s pictures to be mimicked in the energy of the layout. Brandon was very pleased, and signed off on the idea. After some refinements and photo selection from our very own Paul Stanek, the final piece was created.


Brandon’s new promo.

Brandon was kind enough to share some feedback on his experience with us:

When I was putting together a marketing plan for the year, I decided I really needed a printed promo that I could mail to creatives. I’ve been doing email promos for the last couple of years, but I knew that I could reach more people and leave a better impression with a nice printed piece. I had designed a few leave behinds on my own, and felt they were ok, but I wanted something that was different and showcased my work well.

I decided to reach out to Wonderful Machine for help. I told Amanda what I wanted and she suggested creating something that I could use both a mail piece and leave behind; I thought that was a great idea. Her triangle concept worked really well. We discussed how using a triangle allowed for the work to be shown in a unique way. I loved working with Amanda, she listened to what I needed, and used her creativity and knowledge of the industry to create a promotional piece that I’m excited to share. It was a great experience and I would recommend anyone looking for some help on new promotional pieces to give Wonderful Machine, and specifically Amanda, a call.


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