Phone Calls: December 2016

Jan 5, 2017
Phone Calls

Ready or not – 2016 has come and gone, and our research and outreach teams ‘rang’ in the new year by finishing the month of December with some seriously strong metrics. Overall, our Wonderful Machine Associate Producers brought our producers to record highs of e-mails, phone calls, and connections.

Brands: This month, Pat joined Claire by shifting over from publications research to brand outreach. Claire, a tenacious researcher, sits caddy-corner to Pat at the Wonderful Machine headquarters and showed him the ropes to promoting member photographers to domestic and international brands. So far, the duo has tallied 702 additions, 350 emails, and 350 phone calls, leading to 44 connections!

Associate Producer Victoria Tolley talking to a client.

Agencies: Despite the holiday festivities throughout December, mid-month, Alex and Matt joined the research side of agencies while Meli switched over to publication research. Victoria kept the team on track with agency outreach, as she worked to make new connections before the holiday break. Matt focused on finding contact information for email bounce-backs, while Alex started adding new prospects to our already existing companies. Together they made 115 additions, sent out 270 emails, made 309 phone calls, and connected with 40 clients.

Publications: The publication department’s research and outreach team gained a new member, Julian, who dove into making phone calls and connecting with photo editors from around the world. Meli hopped back into research for the publications team and together, Julian and Meli added 181 contacts, emailed 191 prospects, and called 252 clients, which led to 58 connections.

That's all for December! Check back in next month to see how we're doing, and if you have any questions, reach out!

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