Phone Calls: September 2017

Oct 2, 2017
Phone Calls

As the Fall trees start to shed their leaves, this September, the research and outreach team are back into the swing of things as agencies, brands, and publications have returned from their summer festivities and are, slowly but surely, also getting back on schedule. From the phones to the keyboards, and a few in-person greetings the team continues to spread the word about the capabilities Wonderful Machine offers.

This month, Sankha went about his usual routine when it came to adding new contacts and their respective agencies, but split his time between finding new companies and adding new contacts to existing companies within our database.  

Sankha managed to reach out to a high of 182 agencies, 3 brands, and 2 publications as new prospects, resulting in 283 newly added contacts across the board. Additionally, Sankha acquired 391 new contacts to Wonderful Machine’s existing list of agencies, 5 to existing brands, and 3 to current publications.

sankha wanigasekara, researcher, photography, consulting, photography outreach, wonderful machine, photographer marketing, marketing photographers, phone call marketing Researcher Sankha Wanigasekara plugging away at our Daylite database.

On a larger scale, Sankha was tasked with analyzing our Daylite company entries against the list of agencies available through Redbooks, our primary resource for agency research. After comparing the number of agencies, Wonderful Machine has stored away on Daylite against the Redbooks figure, sorted by metro area, and adding agencies we had yet inputted in our system, gave insights to some interesting conclusions. The most obvious being that we have more agencies living within our own database than Redbooks does in 14 US metro areas, which is quite astonishing given the limited number of researchers within our organization.

Julia began the month of September leading the outreach efforts for both agencies and brands. With a total of 113 outreach attempts, Julia was able to connect with Annette Kmitch, Operations Manager at Adventure Advertising who showed interest in Julia’s pitch:

Julia, Thanks so much for making this connection. We don’t have any current projects in process that would warrant your services, but I’ll add your info to our database and be in touch when we have something. I’d also be interested in a general capabilities conversations/show & tell, but would prefer to wait a few weeks to do so. Feel free to reach out again late Sept. or early Oct. so we can get something on the calendar.

Julia set up a capabilities phone call with Anne for early October. Other than outreach, Julia kept busy with consulting projects including two additional managed stock research assignments and a production for Nationwide, where she served as a producer on set. She is looking forward to being able to dedicate more time to outreach in the month of October. 

Switching focuses this month; Matt turned his attention from New York City prospects to Philadelphia ones. Having made 82 phone calls and sent 74 emails in September resulted in 7 connections which allowed for 2 portfolio events with Aloysius Butler & Clark (AB+C Creative Intelligence) and John Milner Architects who have clients in the healthcare industry and architecture realm, amongst other categories that Wonderful Machine caters to. Matt, also, aided as a Producer on the recent Nationwide production which consumed a lot of his attention for the month, but he is excited about what’s to come next month, as he already has 3 portfolio meetings in the books.

September is over, and the team is ready to turn a new leaf and start making, even more, connections come October. In the interim, don’t hesitate to give a shout – the team would love to chat through any questions you may have!

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