Portfolio Events: February 2018

Mar 6, 2018
Portfolio Events

This February, Wonderful Machine scheduled portfolio events at listicle king Buzzfeed and the agency MBLM, giving us a great opportunity to show off some of our corporate, education, industrial, and reportage photographers. I made the trip up to New York earlier in February to MBLM and then shot back up on the last day of the month to meet with our contact at BuzzFeed.

Photograph showing the Buzzfeed logo in the company's New York offices.

At MBLM (say "EMBLEM") I met with Design Director Heitor Piffer and Senior Designer Huimin Lee. They explained that they receive a lot of their content from their clients, but that they do produce photo shoots and hire photographers as well. The majority of their clients are business to business (B2B) which mostly consist of corporate, industrial, and education photography. They were both especially impressed by Wolfram Shroll, Tadd Myers, and John Davis’ work. Tadd Myers’ American Craftsman project captures the detail and meticulous nature of some of our country's most impressive masters.

Wolfram Schroll’s portfolio blends corporate and industrial photography in a style that lends itself perfectly to B2B clients.


John Davis’s portfolio mixes all three specialties into a B2B client’s dream portfolio.

Later in the month, I made my way back up to meet with Senior Photo Editor Kate Bubacz at BuzzFeed. Kate is always great to chat with and interested in seeing talented new photographers. She handles a lot of humanitarian projects at BuzzFeed, so we chatted about some interesting projects that she was working on and looked through some of our reportage photographer’s portfolios.

Buzzfeed Senior Photo Editor Kate Bubacz looks through Wonderful Machine Photographer portfolios

It just so happened that Kate had been working on a few projects related to water rights, and photographer Nicole Franco’s portfolio is dedicated to Mexico’s clean water problems. Kate loved Nicole’s ability to capture a story through images.

Cambodia-based photographer Nicolas Axelrod also drew attention from Kate. She is regularly sourcing photographers around the world and was glad to know that we have a photographer of Nicolas’ quality in Phnom Penh. 

Despite the short month, I met with some amazing people in New York City and continued to build our reputation as a go-to resource for commercial photographers. 

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