Portfolio Events: March 2016

Mar 30, 2016
Portfolio Events
Morgan Kazanjian

For us, March meant the return of sunlight, slightly warmer temperatures and some more portfolio meetings. This month, Julia and I met with Nickelodeon (cue me saying, “nick nick nick nick na-nick nick nick, Nickelodeon!” at least once a day every day leading up to the meeting—can you tell I was excited?), Time Inc. and Travel + Leisure. Julia and I hit the road to get to the Viacom building in Times Square to meet with photo editors Nancy Eichenbaum and Matt Levinson, and were far from disappointed with the views, and Nancy and Matt’s enthusiasm and welcoming personalities.

Nickelodeon offices
This is what my dreams look like.

Coming fresh off the heels of the Kids’ Choice Awards, they were especially interested in seeing some of our celebrity photographers. Matt was pleasantly surprised to see Erin Patrice O’Brien, whose work he’s always liked, and Nancy liked the playfulness of Sean Scheidt’s work and the style of Drew Anthony Smith. After exchanging some swag and chatter about politics and exciting things on Nickelodeon’s frontier (like the upcoming Hey Arnold! and Legends of the Hidden Temple movies!), Julia and I hopped back in the car to head over to Brooklyn.

Check out Drew’s portfolio below:

Time Inc. had recently moved some of their offices to Brooklyn’s Industry City, home to a number of cool corporations with accompanying cool spaces. Being that they’re the giant behind what seems like every publication (Food & Wine, Essence, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, People, Departures, Fortune, InStyle… do I need to keep going?), we were excited to show off a variety of our photographers, and after a quick lunch and finding a free (!) parking spot, we sat down with photo editor Geoff Chadsey. He enjoyed seeing all the different photographers we brought along, but his clear favorite was Roy Ritchie.

Julia rolls our case of books out of Industry City.
Julia rolls our case of books out of Industry City.

Check out Roy’s portfolio below:

Last, but certainly not least, was meeting with Skye Senterfeit, a photo editor at Travel + Leisure. With her building nestled right next to Pumphouse Park on the Hudson, we got a bit spoiled with sipping coffee and people-watching (or more accurately dog-watching) while basking in the sun since we had a little time to kill. When it came time for our meeting, we headed up to the 8th floor and found a table to spread out some of the portfolios we brought along. Skye was already familiar with Matt Dutile and Lauryn Ishak, and was excited to see the work of David Arky, as she had expressed interest in seeing some local still life photographers. She was also excited to hear about the “On the Move” feature.

Bye, New York!
Bye, New York!

After wrapping up our last meeting, we headed back to Pennsylvania, thankful we got to spend such a beautiful day in the city. If you’d like to send your portfolio to be considered for future meetings, give me a shout!