Web Ads: September 2016

Oct 6, 2016
Web Ads

For the month of September, we continued our Google AdWords campaign which focused on the photographer specialty keywords that we set up in April. We also created a new Facebook ad, which included some major variations in audience targets.

For this ad, we used a stunning photo from Isaac Lane Koval with a white overlay of our slogan, "Find What You're Looking For." Take a look at the image below:

Photo by Isaac Lane Koval

This time around, we decided to only show our ad to desktop (and laptop) computers and not include mobile devices. With this approach, we thought there was a better chance of hitting people on their professional computers. We also limited our ad to show only in our top 15 most client-heavy cities around the world. This included cities in the U.S., Canada, France, and the U.K. We continued to target the ad towards people with job titles that were relevant in the creative industry, which included art directors, creative directors, creative/art directors, executive producers, and photo editors. Here's a look at the actual ad that showed to these people:

This ad reached a total of 9,480 people and recieved 34 link clicks. This is obviously a much lower reach and a much lower number of clicks than we are used to, and we can see that it was a result of limiting the ads to desktops. This is interesting, but not necessarily surprising, as 56.6% of Facebook users access the application only from mobile devices, according to Facebook's 2016 mobile statistics, and 90% of their overall traffic comes from mobile users. When we narrowed our audience to exclude mobile users and include only specific cities and job titles, we had a very narrow scope of people our ad would show to, as you can see in the yellow bars of the image below.

It's always great to vary your Facebook and web ads, as the internet and technology is always changing. By altering our methods, we can see patterns and continue to refine our best practices.

Questions? Reach out! And check in next month to see our October web ads!

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