Print Magazine Regional Design Annual

Nov 18, 2010
Wonderful Machine News

“There’s no shortage of inspired work on the following pages,” announces Print Magazine’s Regional Design Annual 2010, 30th Anniversary Edition, “whether it’s from Washington, DC or Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.”

And no, they weren’t talking about El Limon Taqueria down the street (even though we think their chorizo sopes are pretty inspired). Wonderful Machine was recognized for our print mailer design, with our very own Peter Clark quoted at the top of the page: “It’s challenging to be original, and working on the computer all the time can limit your skills. We all need to step back every now and then and use a pencil.”

The magazine features a range of great work, and we’re happy to be part of what Print describes as “the most current collection of great American design, a visual map demonstrating how our country makes a masterpiece of all its distinctive parts.” Since Peter worked on the design, I asked him to fill me in on his creative process:

Our biggest challenge was finding an image and copy that worked well together and would appeal to art buyers across several industries and in different countries. With nearly 500 photographers in 50 countries, finding a great photo is never a problem. The trick is to find one that inspires a tag line that together with the photo, conveys a memorable message about our brand.

Photography is the main focus of everything I work on. I find the photography tends to provide a lot of inspiration for the design, and I’m careful to make my work complement rather than overshadow, the photographs. Part of what keeps things interesting is the sheer variety of styles of photographers and audiences I have to design for. Whether the subject matter is fashion, food, architecture or travel, I have to find design solutions that fit the personality of the photographs and also speak to that particular audience.

He certainly fulfilled that mission, showcasing the  photography of Cade Martin, Saverio Truglia, David Krovblit, and Roger Hagadone. Take a look at the winning mailers, and more, in our archive.

UPDATE 12/2/10:

Modern Postcard blogged about the award on their own blog.