Analytics: March 2017

Apr 3, 2017

Spring is here, and with rising temperatures have come rising web traffic numbers! In March, brought in a total of 19,514 sessions from 13,039 users...a nice upswing from last month. Our bounce rate is also down a few points from last month, which is great to see. Check out our March overview below:

As usual, the U.S. pulled in the most traffic this month, with a total of 12,925 sessions. The U.K. and Canada followed in second and third with 1,071 and 732 sessions. Mexico made an appearance on our top ten locations, coming in at 136 sessions. Take a look at our views by location below:

This month, had 12,665 searchs for photographers, meaning an average of just above 400 photographer searches per day.

We also wanted to include our top pages for March. This is a great way to see the popularity of individual pages and see if any particular pages have high bounce rates or exit rates. On some pages, we expect to see high exit rates (such as our photographer profiles), and on other pages, we expect to see very low exit and bounce rates, such as our find photographers page with 23.5% bounced traffic and 9.6% exit traffic. In comparison, Our Expert Advice article on Photographer Bios made the top ten this month with over 700 page views, but with a bounce rate of almost 90%, because most of that traffic is finding the blog post organically and entering onto that post (which you can tell by the high entrance rate of 92%) and then exiting off the site. 

Our photographer profiles brought in a total of 20,055 page views, leaving each photographer with an average of 28.7 profile views. From there, our photographers saw a total of 8,666 click-throughs to their websites, which averages out to be 12.4 clicks per photographer. Our average click-through rate was 43%. Kelsey Wagner had the most clicks to her website this month with 44, followed by Ryan Ketterman with 43 and Sally Montana with 42. Here are our top ten clicked photographers: 

This month the Wonderful Machine blog brought in nearly 8,000 views, which is quite a jump from last month. We had some fantastic stories in March that are definitely worth a read. See our top ten blog posts below:

If you missed reading about some of our photographers' projects, you can still catch up! And be sure to share your work with us so we can consider it for the blog. Here are our top 5 read blog posts published in March:

Doug Levy: Feelin' Hot Hot HOT

Carl Costas: Building a School for the Future

Weekly Roundup: Monica Stevenson, Rebecca Drobis, Sally Montana, Tom Cwenar

Myles McGuinness: Ripe for the Picking

Seth Lowe: The Innovation Continues 

That's all for March! Questions? Get in touch!

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