Analytics: November 2016

Dec 8, 2016

The rain may have been falling this past November in Philadelphia, but our web traffic to certainly hasn’t been. With 16,811 sessions this month, and 61,612 page views, we are on the rise. Our average session length has also gone over 4-minute mark, an increase from the last 6 months steady 3-minute average. Check out the November overview below:

Wonderfulmachine's audience overview for the month of November

Following in line with previous months, the views by location show that most are coming from the U.S. with 10,355. There was a slight plot twist of Russia ranking second with 1,383 views, however, this was due to an election-based spam referrel link targeted from there that we have since removed access for. This means the U.K. with 791 rounding is really our second most searched from location, and Canda with 663 rounds out third. 

Views by location for November 2016

This month, photographer profiles brought in 13,866 views, which means that each photographer had an average of 20 profile views. Our photographers also pulled in a total of 6,032 click-throughs to their unique websites. This is an average of just under 9 clicks per photographer. Celia D. Luna had the most clicks to her site with 37. The second most were received by Michelle and Forrest of Tropico Photo with 34, just slightly more than Natasha Lee with the third most at 31 clicks. Here are the top 10 below:

Top clicked photographer websites from November 2016

The Wonderful Machine Blog drew in 6,320 page views this month. Check out the top ten most viewed blogs this month below:

Top 10 views blog posts during November 2016

If you missed out on any of the great photographer news stories, you can always still find them up on the blog. As always, make sure to share your projects with us so that we can consider them for the blog, and fill us in on any recent tears, too! Check out some of the top viewed stories during November:

Shea Evans: The Artisans of Long Meadow Ranch

John Enos: Changing Lanes

Ryan Linnegar: Rustic Grazing

Marek Dziekonski: A Motor City Advertising Simulation

Tadd Myers: Inside the Barrels

That’s all for November! Have any questions? Get in touch!

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