Bio: Mike Kelley’s Story

Mar 1, 2015
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When Los Angeles-based photographer Mike Kelley reached out to me for help with his website bio, I was excited to get started. Not only did Mike already have a solid idea of what he was looking for, he also has an interesting background and personal story.

Although Mike had the basic structure of his bio all set, he was looking to take it to the next level. I hoped to incorporate some personal information about Mike, as well as the story of how he got into photography and the kind of work he likes to shoot. During our initial phone conversation, we discussed his vision for the bio while I had him answer a set of questions (below). This helped me to get to know a bit more about Mike, his passions and what makes him tick.

After we had this conversation, I was happy with the amount of information Mike had provided. I dove into the bio, beginning with his personal story and phasing into his professional life. I spent about an hour working on this first draft, sent it over to Mike and was thrilled to get positive reviews. He had a few comments about whether or not he should include both of his college degrees in the bio (studio art and environmental science), and we eventually decided that it was important.

View the final bio below:

Although it is longer than the typical photographer bio, I felt that it's interesting enough to keep the attention of the reader. We avoided the "fluff" and stuck to the good stuff. Mike is happy and feels that this new bio will give clients a good sense of who he is, which is the most important part.

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