Emailer: A Fresh Pick for Stephanie Mullins

Sep 13, 2016
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Nashville food photographer and WM member Stephanie Mullins came to me in need of a new template for her mass emailer. Stephanie’s work is pretty delectable, so she needed a design as appetizing as her photos to make mouths water.

Cue Karen Yee, one of our very talented graphic designers. I knew that with Stephanie's fresh and elegant aesthetic, Karen would be the perfect designer to match her style. Karen started by looking over Stephanie’s old designs and then mapping out her goals for the future. Stephanie was looking for clean, image-driven layouts that would appeal to more commercial clients. She wanted something that was more eye-catching than her old emailers, but still served up her enticing images front and center. Karen knew that she'd have to find a design that would maintain the prominence of the food photos while still looking modern and neat.

Stephanie's old emailer layout

Moving forward, two things were clear: 1) definitely make the images the main course and 2) definitely keep up with Stephanie’s naturally clean and light aesthetic, while utilizing her stylish logo (which WM also designed)! Karen mocked up three initial concepts for the emailers and sent them over for Stephanie to chew on (pun intended). Take a look at Karen's first three mockups below:

First mockup: Option 1

First mockup: Option 2

First mockup: Option 3

Stephanie liked ingredients of all three emailer mockups and opted for a combination of them. She liked the light yellow border in concept two to complement her branding and make her logo pop in a new way. She also enjoyed how the last content block in concept three would feature a blog post. She said that that would really help inspire her to keep up with posting new content on her blog. For the final ingredient, Karen added a quote into the emailer, helping to show Stephanie’s personality and passion for food instead of just making it another contact link. Check out Stephanie’s final emailer below:

Stephanie's final emailer design

Once Stephanie was happy with the design, it was time to implement the project into MailChimp. The design shifted a little bit in MailChimp for mobile optimization purposes, but it looks great and is displayed nicely across all devices, which is crucial. Now, Stephanie is able to send the emailers and more importantly, use the template for future updates she can do herself. She is ready to use her fresh new look to connect with clients and we couldn’t be happier to have served her this recipe for success!

If you’re interested in an updated emailer design of your own, or any of our other design services, get in touch!